Baseball / Meuel Joins the HF Management Team

Meuel Joins the HF Management Team

Date:  Source: Headfirst Baseball Academy


Meuel Joins the HF Management Team

        Headfirst Baseball Academy has great news, the return of HF Hall of Famer, JIMMY MEUEL!  Meuel is an expert in college baseball recruiting, will spearhead HF College Recruiting and Showcase Camps, in addition to youth camps.  He will work closely with Mario Iglesias to take over many team roles including player recruitment, evaluations, team assembly, management and more.   A former HF player and coach from 2006-2009, Meuel spent the last 11 years as pitching coach, recruiting coordinator or director of operations at UC Davis, San Jose State, University of San Francisco, Menlo College, Lewis & Clark and most recently at Academy of Art University.  As he heads into his first full year with HF Management he has a clear picture of his role, including his new goal for 2020 and beyond, the return of the HF GAMERS. 

        While Michael and Mario played for Bercovich in their youth and brought back the name as a way to pay tribute to one of the major teams in amateur baseball during the 1990s, the new Headfirst Gamers will pay tribute to one of the major teams of the early days of travel ball. The Gamers were one of the original teams on the travel ball circuit and the flagship team of Headfirst Baseball Academy in the early 2000s. Headfirst (through Jimmy Meuel's direction) is making an emphasis to bring respect back to the Gamers teams.


        Headfirst has sent hundreds of players to college and most of them played on the Gamers.  Most players in the "HF Hall of Fame" also played for the Gamers.  In more recent years, Bercovich has grown in prominence in the Upper and Lower Divisions with many tourney titles and strong teams.  Meuel feels it is time for the Gamers to make a strong comeback.