Date:  Source: Macomb Amateur Baseball Federation

Seasonal Scheduling Meeting


        1.  No more than two representatives from each team will be allowed!!


         2.  All team representatives must register at the sign-in desk.


         3.  All in attendance MUST wear Masks!


         4.  Because of time restraints each meeting will be strictly for scheduling purposes ONLY.


         5.  Each meeting will begin promptly at the scheduled time, you must complete the scheduling     processand submit your original schedule to the workers and receive one copy for yourself.  Leave the           scheduling room as soon as you received your copy of the schedule and lineup cards.


         6.  The envelope you receive at the beginning of the meeting will be for submitting you teams documentation.  This team Envelope Packet will be handed out promptly at the scheduled meeting time.  For those of you who will be new to the scheduling process, the other teams will assist you in the process.


Last, but most importantly all schedules MUST be completed on the supplied MABF Calendars.

Remember - You can not be your own opponent!!!

The purpose of these meetings is to negotiate individual team schedules for the upcoming season.  Invitations are extended by Rules to all managers who have submitted team admission applications and have paid the required fees and deposits.  These meetings are absolutely mandatory, and failure to attend will result in exclusion of the team from current season competition and performance deposit and league fee forfeiture.  The meetings will last no more than 2 hours.  


Sign in time for all meetings will begin at 15 minutes before the actual meeting.


9U  &  12U  Scheduling Meeting

            March 22                   6:00pm         Total Sports / Harrison Township             

14U & 15U Scheduling Meeting

            March 22                   8:15pm         Total Sports / Harrison Township 


8U  &  13U Scheduling Meeting

           March 23                   6:00pm           Total Sports / Harrison Township


16U  &  18U  Scheduling Meeting

            March 23                   8:15pm          Total Sports / Harrison Township 


10U  &  11U Scheduling Meeting

            March 24                  6:00pm           Total Sports / Harrison Township       



Total Sports is located at 40501 Production Drive Harrison Township, MI 48045.  It is off of I-94  -  Exit 237 at North River Road. You may contact them at 586-463-2000