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IBL Summer 2021 - Transactions

Date Team  
06/13/21 Welland Jackfish Mackie, Robert signed
06/11/21 Welland Jackfish Blanke, Michael signed
06/10/21 Hamilton Cardinals Vanderby, David signed
06/10/21 London Majors DeLong, Mike signed
06/08/21 Hamilton Cardinals Lonetto, Matt signed
06/05/21 Kitchener Panthers Sherman, Evyn signed
06/05/21 Kitchener Panthers Carthy, Jorden signed
06/05/21 Kitchener Panthers Sloat, Dreyden signed
06/05/21 Kitchener Panthers Robertson, Adam signed
06/05/21 Kitchener Panthers Bruinsma, David signed
06/04/21 Hamilton Cardinals Lazar, Chris signed
06/02/21 London Majors Ferrington, Braeden signed
06/02/21 London Majors De Los Santos, Pedro signed
06/02/21 Welland Jackfish Durocher, Bailey signed
05/31/21 Welland Jackfish Callaspo, Alberto released
05/31/21 Welland Jackfish Wright, Dante released
05/26/21 Brantford Red Sox Gauthier, Robbie signed
05/23/21 Barrie Baycats Rossel, Aidan signed
05/12/21 Barrie Baycats Quirion, Anthony signed
05/08/21 Welland Jackfish Wright, Dante signed
05/08/21 Welland Jackfish Tofteland, Dane signed
05/06/21 Kitchener Panthers Hauck, Christian signed
05/06/21 Welland Jackfish Oulds, Austin signed
05/04/21 Welland Jackfish Kwon, Tony signed
05/03/21 Kitchener Panthers Diluca, Lucas signed
05/03/21 Kitchener Panthers Mommersteeg, Michael signed
04/28/21 Welland Jackfish Dei Baning, Dennis signed
04/28/21 Brantford Red Sox Keen, Roger signed
04/28/21 Brantford Red Sox Rachar, Zach signed
04/28/21 Brantford Red Sox Vincente, Jose signed
04/26/21 Hamilton Cardinals Wheeler, Austin signed
04/26/21 Brantford Red Sox Langford, Will signed
04/26/21 Brantford Red Sox Langford, Will signed
04/19/21 Welland Jackfish Marriott, Eric signed
04/12/21 Kitchener Panthers Stoddart, Matt signed
04/09/21 Hamilton Cardinals Connerty, Dan signed
04/09/21 Hamilton Cardinals Buonaiuto, Anthony signed
04/08/21 Hamilton Cardinals Shapiro, Caden signed
03/30/21 London Majors McQueen, Chris signed
03/26/21 Hamilton Cardinals Zwolinski, Derek signed
03/19/21 Kitchener Panthers Marsden, Keegan signed
03/17/21 Kitchener Panthers Quick, Keifer signed
03/17/21 Kitchener Panthers Marquez, Daniel signed
03/17/21 Kitchener Panthers Schnarr, Brady signed
03/17/21 Kitchener Panthers Leader, Andy signed
03/17/21 Kitchener Panthers Gade, Stephen signed
03/16/21 Barrie Baycats Hillier, Brandon signed
03/15/21 Barrie Baycats Soules, Evan signed
03/15/21 Barrie Baycats Plumpton, Tyler signed
03/15/21 Barrie Baycats Lacasse, Marcel Maxime signed
03/13/21 Barrie Baycats Rodriguez, Starlin signed
03/13/21 Barrie Baycats Ando, Royce signed
03/13/21 Barrie Baycats Cowan, Jeff signed
03/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Pilarczyk, Matthew signed
03/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Lombardi, Luca signed
03/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Burdett, Nic signed
03/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Benninger, Rem signed
03/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Dziomba, Jon signed
03/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Tebbit, Graham signed
03/02/21 Hamilton Cardinals Gomm, Austin signed
02/25/21 London Majors Doyle, Robert signed
02/24/21 Barrie Baycats Infante, Branfy signed
02/24/21 Barrie Baycats Rijo, Ryan signed
02/24/21 Barrie Baycats White, Cole signed
02/24/21 Barrie Baycats Garces, Frank signed
02/18/21 Brantford Red Sox Mueses, Victor signed
02/18/21 London Majors Vasquez, Jose signed
02/16/21 Hamilton Cardinals Duffy, Matt signed
02/15/21 Hamilton Cardinals Nieva, Brandon signed
02/14/21 London Majors Wood, Tyler signed
02/11/21 Hamilton Cardinals Bowie, Connor signed
02/10/21 London Majors Britt, Evan signed
02/08/21 London Majors Brownlee, Cleveland signed
02/06/21 Barrie Baycats Shergill, Jaspreet signed
02/06/21 Barrie Baycats Walker, Parker signed
02/06/21 Barrie Baycats Campese, Hunter signed
02/06/21 Barrie Baycats Cecchetto, Mike signed
02/06/21 Barrie Baycats Burns, Carson signed
02/06/21 Barrie Baycats Anderson, James signed
02/05/21 Welland Jackfish Tofteland, Dane signed
02/05/21 Welland Jackfish Boatto, Chris signed
02/05/21 Welland Jackfish Bouillere-Howard, Casey signed
02/02/21 Welland Jackfish Corrente, Rich signed
02/02/21 Welland Jackfish Mercier, Andrew signed
02/01/21 Welland Jackfish Marco, Greg signed
01/29/21 Hamilton Cardinals Renaud, Laine signed
01/25/21 Brantford Red Sox Clarke, Bret signed
01/25/21 Welland Jackfish Nicholson, Brandon signed
01/21/21 London Majors Brooks, Dylan signed
01/20/21 Hamilton Cardinals Braun, Ben signed
01/19/21 London Majors Jaco, Hayden signed
01/18/21 Welland Jackfish Cameron, Zachary signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Fountain, Colton signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Iltshishin, Chris signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Morello, Gianfranco signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Deluca, Michael signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Sutherland, Liam signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Fishbaum, Jesse signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Ubiera, Shamil signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Mueller, Mike signed
01/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Reid, Jacob signed
01/10/21 Welland Jackfish Romanin, Mattingly signed
01/10/21 Welland Jackfish Runyon, Ben signed
01/06/21 London Majors Boon, Owen signed
01/05/21 London Majors Reichstein, Byron signed
12/21/20 Kitchener Panthers Whalen, Stephen signed
12/20/20 London Majors Filmon, Adam signed
12/14/20 Welland Jackfish Wood, Tyler signed
12/08/20 Hamilton Cardinals Chiaravalle, Jake signed
12/08/20 London Majors Arteaga, Carlos signed
12/03/20 Hamilton Cardinals Richmond, Jamie signed
11/30/20 Hamilton Cardinals Lamanna, John signed
11/27/20 Hamilton Cardinals Young, Jordan signed
11/25/20 Hamilton Cardinals Gideon, Justin signed
11/25/20 London Majors Johnson, Julian signed
11/25/20 Welland Jackfish Thibideau, Chris signed
11/25/20 Welland Jackfish Dunsmore, Aaron signed
11/24/20 Hamilton Cardinals Veilleux, Jeremie signed
11/23/20 London Majors Ruiz, Humberto signed
11/21/20 Barrie Baycats Aquino, Jayson signed
11/17/20 Hamilton Cardinals Rizquez, Anthony signed
11/17/20 London Majors Williams, Josh signed
11/13/20 London Majors Kandel, Keith signed
11/12/20 Barrie Baycats MacDonald, Riley signed
11/05/20 Kitchener Panthers Jarvis, Jett signed
11/04/20 Hamilton Cardinals Burnside, Ryan signed
11/01/20 Barrie Baycats Sotillo, Andres signed
11/01/20 Barrie Baycats McGarry-Doyle, Noel signed
11/01/20 Barrie Baycats Robertson, Mason signed
11/01/20 Barrie Baycats Millar, Kevin signed
11/01/20 Kitchener Panthers Arbuthnot, Carter signed
11/01/20 Welland Jackfish Cina, Zarley signed