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Charlottesville TomSox - Transactions


07/27/19 Short, Avery acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
07/26/19 Glavine, Peyton released
07/25/19 Atkins, Carrson activated
07/25/19 Kingsbury, Kyle activated
07/23/19 Nolan, Parker activated
07/17/19 Giacomazzi, Paul activated
07/17/19 Mueller, Austin activated
07/17/19 McMullen, Kirby released
07/13/19 Warner, Devin released
07/11/19 Ingram, James activated
07/11/19 Dillard, Matthew activated
07/11/19 Carmichael, Jaspar activated
07/10/19 Yourke, David released
07/08/19 Coker, Luke released
07/08/19 Owens, Brian released
07/08/19 Balduccci, Antonio released
07/08/19 Fedje-Johnson, Alex activated
07/06/19 Glavine, Peyton activated
07/03/19 Madden, Kevin released
07/03/19 Zubovich, Michael released
07/03/19 Sund, Ethan activated
06/29/19 McNamee, Cole traded to Harrisonburg Turks For Player to be named later
06/28/19 Turley, Cameron released
06/24/19 Kintunde, Oluwasayo (Sayo) released
06/20/19 Selden, Jacob traded to Staunton Braves
06/20/19 Francisco, Thomas activated
06/20/19 Cooper, Matthew released
06/17/19 Hungate, Cade traded to New Market Rebels
06/15/19 McMullen, Kirby activated
06/15/19 Greenfield, Calvin (Cal) activated
06/15/19 Hemenway, Devin activated
06/15/19 Talley, Jacob released
06/15/19 Sotres, Gabe released
06/15/19 Repine, Dallas released
06/11/19 Edge, Brock activated
06/11/19 Abney, Alaska activated
06/11/19 Coker, Luke activated
06/11/19 Nickles, Michael released
06/11/19 Selden, Jacob placed on disabled list 6/10 left game w/Brusied Heel.
06/11/19 Woolford, Keegan released
06/08/19 McDyre, Daniel (Trey) activated
06/07/19 Sanguinetti, Chase traded to Purcellville Cannons
06/07/19 Simon, Josh activated
06/07/19 Hungate, Cade placed on disabled list Needs to been cleared by DR.