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Sussex Skyhawks - Transactions


09/15/10 Sanchez, Duaner released
08/19/10 Roque, Ulysses released
08/16/10 Hassett, Will released
08/16/10 Kennedy, Jimmer released
08/14/10 Gossard, Jonathan released
08/14/10 Streaman, Michael released
08/14/10 Marcotte, Trevor signed
08/13/10 Ruiz, Rene signed
08/13/10 Sosnoskie, Anthony signed
08/13/10 Frias, Jusef activated
08/06/10 Streaman, Michael signed
08/05/10 Walker, Landry released
08/05/10 Megale, Mike placed on inactive list
08/05/10 Megale, Mike activated
08/05/10 Frias, Jusef placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/05/10 Kennedy, Jimmer signed
08/03/10 Hassett, Will signed
08/02/10 Berlind, Dan placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/30/10 Walker, Landry signed
07/29/10 Layden, Tim released
07/28/10 Roque, Ulysses signed
07/26/10 Streaman, Michael released
07/13/10 McGuire, Mike sold to
07/08/10 Keowen, Kade released
06/22/10 Dignelli, Justin released
06/21/10 Yecker, Jared released
06/07/10 Infante, Jansy released