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Florence Freedom - Transactions


08/11/18 Haberer, Jake sold to Seattle Mariners
08/11/18 White, Harrison released
08/10/18 Derke, Graylin released
08/09/18 Turner, Xavier suspended
07/17/18 McKenna, Brian released
07/13/18 Mercurio, Andre placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
07/07/18 Scott, Jeremy released
07/06/18 Kirby, Zack traded to Normal CornBelters for a player to be named later
06/22/18 Lepre, Craig released
06/19/18 Crane, Connor traded to outside league Sussex County Miners
06/17/18 Rodriguez, Chandler released
06/13/18 Brizuela, Jose sold to New York Mets
06/13/18 Pugh, Brandon traded to River City Rascals
06/13/18 Anderson, Marty sold to Miami Marlins
06/13/18 McGrane, Jameson sold to Miami Marlins
06/06/18 Morris, Mike released
06/05/18 McDowell, Cutter released
06/05/18 Crouse, Nick released
06/02/18 Castellani, Mike released
06/02/18 Diaz, Luis released
05/17/18 Wobrock, Austin placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/14/18 Brunner, Sam released
05/08/18 Bennett, Terry released
05/08/18 Stewart, Kameron released
05/08/18 Zamora, Enrique released
05/08/18 Miller Sr., Jalen released
05/08/18 Lepre, Craig placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/08/18 Gillespie, Brent released
05/08/18 DeAngelis, Rob released
05/08/18 Blackstone, Kent released
05/08/18 Wilson, Jamal released
05/08/18 Lyman, Denis released
05/08/18 Bates, Chris released
05/08/18 Anthony, Mike released
04/30/18 Gutierrez, Kendrick released
04/30/18 Dickt, Ryan released
04/30/18 Badura, Dylan released