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El Paso Diablos - Transactions


09/23/10 Fowler, Barry released
09/23/10 Jiggitts, Kris released
09/23/10 Birosak, Dustin released
09/23/10 Buzhardt, William released
09/23/10 Santana, Rico released
09/16/10 Ellis, Shaun acquired in trade from outside league New Jersey (Can-Am League)
09/15/10 Johnson, Benji acquired in trade from Lincoln Saltdogs to complete earlier trade
08/28/10 Ellis, Shaun traded to outside league New Jersey (Can-Am League)
08/20/10 Bernal, Hector traded to St Paul Saints for cash
08/17/10 Johnson, Benji traded to Lincoln Saltdogs in exchange for cash
08/17/10 Kalb, Aaron released
08/14/10 Lopresti, James released
08/09/10 Hulett, Jeff acquired in trade from Shreveport-Bossier Captains
08/09/10 Provencher, Mike traded to Shreveport-Bossier Captains
08/05/10 Mattox , D.J. placed on inactive list retroactive to August 4
08/05/10 Lopresti, James signed
08/05/10 Estrada, Jesse signed
07/26/10 Renault, Nick released
07/19/10 Lawler, Patrick released
07/08/10 Patterson, Lonnie released
07/03/10 Oakes , Earl traded to outside league Laredo (United League)
06/22/10 Pena, Eddie released
06/21/10 Baca, Noel released
06/18/10 Imwalle , Matt released
06/18/10 Fox, Trevor released
06/18/10 Bevis , P.J. released
06/10/10 Landeros , Leonard released
06/10/10 Klein , Joe released
06/07/10 Washington , David released
06/06/10 Medina, Juan released
06/05/10 Hurst, David released
06/04/10 Oles, Alex released
05/24/10 Sanchez , Ramon released
05/21/10 Snipes , Clegg released
05/18/10 Hurst, David acquired in trade from Sioux Falls Pheasants for a player to be named later