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Amarillo - Transactions


10/07/11 Mayes, LaCurtis released
08/20/11 Lawler, Travis released
08/16/11 Wortham, Jacob released
08/12/11 Sauceda, Jeremy released
08/11/11 Overholt, Pat released
08/08/11 Lentini, Fehlandt released
08/08/11 Chavez, Alex traded to outside league Windy City (Frontier League)
08/05/11 Evans, Cody sold to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
07/31/11 Hankerd, Cyle sold to Philadelphia Phillies
07/27/11 Johnson, Benji released
07/16/11 Perinar, Gary released
07/13/11 Allen, Colin released
07/11/11 Nash, Chris released
07/11/11 Johnson, Benji released
07/06/11 Oliver, Brian released
06/22/11 Elliott, Matt released
06/15/11 Henry, Lee released
06/02/11 Oliver, Brian released
05/26/11 Godfrey, Kyle released
05/22/11 Santana, Cristobal released
05/21/11 Pearson, Tyler released
05/11/11 Blanchard, Boomer released
04/28/11 Overbey, Seth released
04/28/11 Solich, Brent released
03/25/11 Nathanson, David traded to Gary SouthShore for cash and PTBNL
03/22/11 Porch, Chase traded to outside league Windy City (Frontier League)
03/09/11 Shaver, Ryan acquired in trade from Sioux Falls
03/09/11 Leandro, Francisco traded to Sioux Falls in exchange for Ryan Shaver
03/02/11 Quinn, Austin released
02/18/11 Povich, Chad acquired in trade from Sioux City
02/18/11 Brito, Javier traded to Sioux City
02/10/11 Franzblau , Jason released
02/09/11 Chiarappa , Chris released
02/04/11 Rembisz, Bryan traded to outside league Quebec (Can-Am League)
01/14/11 Gonzalez , Adolfo released
01/10/11 Garcia, Geivy acquired in trade from Grand Prairie in exchange for John Alonso
01/10/11 Brown, Kyle released
01/10/11 Leon, Carlos released
01/10/11 Gothreaux , Jared released
01/10/11 De Valk , Dane released
11/02/10 Johnson, Benji acquired in trade from El Paso
11/02/10 Hill , Ron traded to El Paso
11/02/10 Vander Weg, Scott traded to El Paso