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San Rafael Pacifics - Transactions


08/16/13 Hale, Darrick suspended for 3 games
08/16/13 Whetsel, J.J. suspended for 3 games
08/06/13 Pearson, Tyler released
07/25/13 Detwiler, Steve traded to Bay Cal Lumberjacks
07/23/13 Kavanaugh, Matt signed
07/23/13 Mickan, Morgan placed on inactive list
07/10/13 Kavanaugh, Matt released
07/08/13 Detwiler, Steve placed on inactive list
07/01/13 Mickan, Morgan signed
07/01/13 McGraw, Jamie released
06/27/13 Rogers, Dan signed
06/26/13 Whetsel, J.J. placed on inactive list Injury
06/21/13 Reinking, Kevin signed
06/21/13 Kavanaugh, Matt placed on inactive list Injury
06/07/13 Colombo, Russ placed on inactive list Retired
06/06/13 Colombo, Russ signed
06/05/13 Downs, Brodie traded to El Paso