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Vallejo Admirals - Transactions


08/18/14 Phillips, PJ granted free agency
08/13/14 Lintz, Seth released
08/07/14 Alvarez, Mario released
08/07/14 Eusebio, Keith released
08/07/14 Martinez, Carlos released
08/05/14 Dinelli, David signed
08/05/14 Valdez, Jose released
08/05/14 Herrera, Bryan released
07/29/14 Durham, Mike released
07/29/14 Machuca, Javier released
07/29/14 Dinelli, David released
07/25/14 Brooks, Andrew signed
07/16/14 Marks, Troy released
07/10/14 McDonald, Marshall released
07/08/14 Rodriguez, Elvin signed
07/08/14 Nathanson, Trevor released
07/02/14 Rubalcava, Andrew signed
07/02/14 Eusebio, Keith signed
07/02/14 Agramonte, Kenedy released
07/01/14 Johnson, Patrick signed
07/01/14 Gonzalez, Jerry released
07/01/14 Marrero, Ulises released
06/22/14 Williams, Brandon placed on inactive list 7-day injury list (hamstring)
06/21/14 Del Valle, Jaime released
06/21/14 McGriff, Cameron released
06/17/14 Eusebio, Keith released
06/15/14 Phillips, PJ signed
06/15/14 Simmons, Angelo released
06/11/14 Simmons, Angelo signed
06/11/14 Munn, Joe released