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New Market Rebels - Transactions


07/26/19 Bailey, Noah traded to Front Royal Cardinals
07/26/19 Hart, Hunter released
07/26/19 Miller, Sean acquired in trade from Front Royal Cardinals Noah Bailey (Trade for)
07/18/19 Pethel, Chandler activated
07/18/19 Hulett, Bryce activated
07/18/19 Frontino, Samuel placed on disabled list
07/13/19 Coscarella, Ryan released
07/07/19 Parkhurst, Keiji activated
07/07/19 Fox, Kelyn activated
06/28/19 Nolan, Nicolas activated
06/27/19 Lorenzo, Giovany placed on disabled list
06/27/19 Lorenzo Jr, Wilson placed on disabled list
06/25/19 Ebo, Blake activated
06/23/19 Rembert, Brandon placed on disabled list
06/17/19 Hungate, Cade acquired in trade from Charlottesville TomSox
06/12/19 Castellano, Pedro activated
06/09/19 Johnson, Johnny placed on inactive list
06/09/19 Harju, Brady placed on disabled list
06/08/19 Polak, JR released
06/06/19 Pare, LT activated