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Strasburg Express - Transactions


07/26/19 Duncan, Greg acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
07/25/19 Jones, Collin released
07/24/19 McGowan, Christian released
07/22/19 Wright, Eli released
07/21/19 Urena, Edward activated
07/19/19 Fiedler, Holden activated
07/18/19 Jean-Baptiste, Jahlin activated
07/18/19 Sottile, Eric released
07/18/19 Toney, Nicholas released
07/16/19 McMillan, Cole released
07/15/19 Nevill, Landen released
07/15/19 Patterson, Jordan activated
07/15/19 Friese, Cole released
07/13/19 Torrealba, Jose activated
07/08/19 Evans, Garrett activated
07/07/19 Minter, Drew released
07/05/19 Vay, Hunter released
07/03/19 Proto, Nick activated
07/03/19 Coleman, Kyle released
06/28/19 Coffey, Brian released
06/28/19 Hurst, Gene released
06/28/19 Boyle, Nathan activated
06/28/19 Coleman, Kyle placed on disabled list
06/24/19 Hall, Chase activated
06/20/19 Wright, Austyn released
06/17/19 Hawkins, Brett activated
06/17/19 Torres, Adams released
06/15/19 Dunn, Devin activated
06/15/19 Ray, Scooter released
06/14/19 Rathburn, Evan activated
06/14/19 Jones, Collin activated
06/06/19 Torres, Adams activated
06/05/19 Wright, Eli activated
06/05/19 Mykut, Alex released
06/04/19 Toney, Nicholas activated
06/03/19 Coleman, Kyle activated
11/02/18 Short, Avery traded to Purcellville Cannons
08/30/18 Short, Avery acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons