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Lancaster Barnstormers - Transactions


09/11/13 Braddock, Zach placed on inactive list
09/11/13 Eppley, Cody placed on inactive list
09/11/13 Scheiner, Jordie activated
09/04/13 Scheiner, Jordie placed on inactive list
09/04/13 Williams, Jeremy activated
08/29/13 Grening, Brian sold to Taiwanese Baseball League
08/28/13 Scheiner, Jordie activated
08/23/13 Gailen, Blake sold to Toronto Blue Jays (Buffalo)
08/23/13 Thurston, Joe activated
08/21/13 Taylor, Jason released
08/20/13 Bennett, Jeff activated
08/20/13 Contreras, Anthony activated
08/20/13 DiNardo, Lenny placed on inactive list (retired)
08/19/13 Savage, Will traded to York Revolution
08/11/13 Burkhart, Lance placed on inactive list
08/11/13 Dowdy, Justin activated
08/07/13 Braddock, Zach activated
08/07/13 Howard, Kevin reinstated to active list
08/06/13 Ward, Daryle placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/04/13 Urquidez, Jason sold to Los Angeles Angels (Salt Lake)
07/30/13 Golson, Greg sold to Atlanta Braves
07/27/13 Golson, Greg signed
07/23/13 Regas, Kris activated
07/23/13 Perez, Fernando released
07/23/13 Buente, Jay placed on inactive list
07/21/13 Parrish, John placed on inactive list
07/21/13 Loop, Derrick reinstated to active list
07/17/13 Loop, Derrick placed on inactive list
07/17/13 Buente, Jay reinstated to active list
07/12/13 Russell, Kyle activated
07/12/13 Buller, Dayton activated
07/09/13 Spencer, Matt released
07/09/13 Kirkland, Kody released
07/07/13 Harvey, Ryan activated
07/06/13 Haines, Kyle activated
07/06/13 Gallagher, Austin traded to outside league American Association, Amarillo
07/05/13 Rundles, Rich activated
07/05/13 Savage, Will placed on inactive list
07/05/13 Paramore, Preston traded to outside league American Association, KC
07/05/13 Burkhart, Lance activated
06/27/13 Perez, Fernando acquired in trade from Sugar Land Skeeters to complete previous trade
06/25/13 Parrish, John activated
06/24/13 Taylor, Jason activated
06/24/13 Vasquez, Esmerling activated
06/23/13 Ramirez, Horacio sold to Mexican League
06/20/13 Takashima, Tsuyoshi released
06/17/13 Spencer, Matt activated
06/15/13 Owens, Jerry reinstated to active list
06/15/13 Harvey, Ryan placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/14/13 Holdren, Stephen reinstated to active list
06/14/13 Johnson, Alan released
06/11/13 Downs, Brodie activated
06/11/13 Holdren, Stephen placed on inactive list
05/31/13 Gallagher, Austin activated
05/28/13 Owens, Jerry sold to Campeche (Mexican)
05/21/13 Buente, Jay placed on inactive list
05/18/13 Holdren, Stephen activated
05/18/13 Hinton, Robert placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/14/13 Neil, Charlie traded to outside league Can-Am Association
05/11/13 Ramirez, Horacio signed
05/06/13 Molina, Gustavo signed
05/06/13 Richardson, Jason signed
05/04/13 Mather, Joe sold to Cincinnati Reds
05/03/13 Dillard, Tim sold to Milwaukee Brewers
04/26/13 King, Aaron traded to outside league American Association
04/17/13 Wordekemper, Eric released
04/17/13 Montoya, Jhonny released