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Fargo-Moorhead - Transactions


10/20/11 Blunt, Donald traded to outside league Lake Erie
10/20/11 Longfellow, Trevor traded to outside league Lake Erie
10/10/11 Light, Kevin released
10/10/11 Jackel, William released
10/07/11 Hartley, Jordan released
10/07/11 Zimmerman, Kole released
09/23/11 Smith, Josh released
09/23/11 Wyatt, Jonathan released
08/22/11 Blunt, Donald acquired in trade from St Paul
08/22/11 Krause, Jake traded to St Paul
08/13/11 Wagle, John released
08/04/11 Frawley, Jack claimed off waivers from Gary SouthShore
08/02/11 Caldera, Alex sold to Florida Marlins
07/30/11 Rhoades, Chad released
07/28/11 Wyatt, Jonathan acquired in trade from Winnipeg in exchange for PTBNL
07/26/11 Cox, Jay released
07/12/11 Britton, Phil released
07/11/11 James, Jason released
07/10/11 Hoorelbeke, Casey released
07/08/11 Fasano, Jim traded to Kansas City
07/08/11 Nichols, Kyle acquired in trade from El Paso
07/08/11 Kaminsky, Alex traded to El Paso
06/30/11 Mossey, Matthew released
06/30/11 Ruggiano, Brian released
06/26/11 Fogelson, Scott released
06/20/11 Deminsky, David released
06/17/11 Di Napoli, Nick released
05/26/11 Smith, Josh released
05/17/11 Bailey, Griffin traded to Fort Worth in exchange for PTBNL
05/11/11 Ward, Zach acquired in trade from Grand Prairie in exchange for cash and PTBNL
05/11/11 Shawler, Anthony released
04/25/11 Smith, Donnie R. released
04/13/11 Kent, Alex released
04/13/11 Fellman, Nick released
04/08/11 Zoltak, Matt traded to outside league Rockford (North American Lge.)
02/14/11 Piepkorn, Jeremiah released
01/17/11 Stanton, T.J. released
01/17/11 Gregory, Sean released
01/14/11 Patton, Cory released