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Wichita - Transactions


09/19/11 Einertson, Mitch traded to outside league Maui (North American League)
08/16/11 Sherman, Chad released
08/16/11 Barrows, Peter traded to Kansas City
08/14/11 Duran, Jose O. traded to Kansas City
08/14/11 Mojica, Jimmy acquired in trade from Kansas City
08/05/11 Clevlen, Brent sold to Philadelphia Phillies
08/02/11 Robbins, Tyler released
08/02/11 Powell, Matthew released
07/22/11 Mathes, Brandon traded to outside league Florence (Frontier League)
07/19/11 Bradford, Jared released
07/11/11 Blacksher, Derek acquired in trade from Fort Worth
07/11/11 Patterson, Ryan traded to Fort Worth
07/10/11 Murray, Justin released
07/05/11 Cotter, Michael traded to outside league Washington (Frontier Lge)
07/03/11 Macfarland, Steve released
06/18/11 Ellis, Jonathan released
06/16/11 Lee, Gary released
06/14/11 Cortes, Jorge released
06/12/11 Stevens, Jeff released
06/12/11 Howard , Cephas released
06/12/11 Button, Evan released
06/05/11 Lare, Trent traded to Kansas City
05/28/11 Miller, David released
05/14/11 Grybash, Dan placed on inactive list
05/10/11 Berry, Josh released
05/10/11 Akins, Cole released
05/10/11 Dixon, DJ traded to outside league Yuma (Nor Amer Lge)
05/10/11 Dorado, Reyes traded to outside league Yuma (Nor Amer Lge)
05/10/11 Harty, Ben released
05/10/11 Diaz, Jason released
05/10/11 Shawler, Anthony released
05/10/11 Holdzkom, John released
04/25/11 Teague, Sean traded to outside league Southern Illinois (Frontier)
04/20/11 Guerra, Junior released
04/19/11 Wiley, Jacob traded to outside league Yuma (Nor Amer Lge)
04/18/11 Batista, Kendy released
04/13/11 Williams, Eric traded to outside league River City (Frontier League)
04/13/11 Angelle, Kevin sold to York (Atlantic League)
03/25/11 Spiers, Joe traded to outside league Evansville (Frontier League)
03/03/11 Howard , Cephas sold to Texas Rangers
02/09/11 Bell, Mike traded to outside league Chico (North Am League)
02/07/11 ODonnell, Bubba released
01/26/11 Cowart, Adam traded to Fort Worth in exchange for cash consid.
01/21/11 Patterson, Ryan sold to
01/17/11 Medina, Gabe released
12/22/10 Miller, David acquired in trade from outside league
12/22/10 Gilliland, Eric acquired in trade from outside league
12/22/10 Boling, J.R. traded to outside league
12/22/10 Jung, Jae traded to Grand Prairie
12/13/10 Suarez, Cesar released
12/03/10 Christy, Jeff released
11/04/10 Gonzalez, Raul released
11/04/10 Rivera, Carlos A. released
11/04/10 Martin, John C. released