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Sonoma Stompers - Transactions


08/25/16 Keen, Randy signed
08/23/16 Paulino, Gregory placed on inactive list
08/18/16 Conroy, Sean reinstated to active list
08/18/16 Matthews, Chris placed on inactive list
08/15/16 David, Scott signed
08/15/16 Jackson Jr., Mike traded to outside league (Long Island Ducks - Atlantic)
08/13/16 Ogburn, Adam signed
08/13/16 Volpe, Mike placed on inactive list
08/10/16 Lemmo, Pat signed
08/10/16 Cronin, Martin released
08/04/16 Conroy, Sean placed on inactive list (Retroactive August 3)
08/04/16 Richardson, Ryan signed
08/03/16 Volpe, Mike reinstated to active list
08/02/16 Cox, Jacob placed on inactive list (Retroactive July 27)
07/28/16 Santiesteban, Randy signed
07/28/16 Bishop, Cody placed on inactive list
07/26/16 Neiser, Evan signed
07/26/16 Holiday, Jesse released
07/24/16 Blackmon Jr, Marcus released
07/24/16 Matthews, Chris signed
07/21/16 Volpe, Mike placed on inactive list
07/21/16 Cronin, Martin reinstated to active list
07/09/16 Cronin, Martin placed on inactive list
07/08/16 DiMatteo, Sam released
07/08/16 Meadows, Chaz signed
07/08/16 Holiday, Jesse signed
07/08/16 Picucci, Matt released
07/06/16 Cox, Jacob signed
07/06/16 Delmotte, Austin released
07/06/16 Miyoshi, Takashi released
07/06/16 Bishop, Cody signed
07/02/16 Mozeika, Eric released
07/02/16 Gonsalves, Erik signed
06/23/16 Baptista, Daniel reinstated to active list
06/23/16 Stimpson, Cam released
06/18/16 Yasuda, Yuki signed
06/18/16 Baptista, Daniel placed on inactive list (Retroactive June 15)
06/14/16 Hibbert, Matt signed
06/14/16 Petrone, Matt traded to outside league (Gary - American Assoc.)
06/07/16 Carranza, Joel signed
06/07/16 Ayoub, Max granted free agency
05/31/16 Stimpson, Cam reinstated to active list
05/31/16 Quintero, AJ granted free agency