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San Angelo Colts - Transactions


08/07/14 Muse, JJ acquired in trade from Brownsville Charros
07/05/14 Broad, Michael signed
07/05/14 Beck, Casey signed
07/03/14 Sakowski, Jeff released
07/03/14 Barnard, Chandler traded to outside league
06/24/14 Thompson, Michael released
06/18/14 Thompson, Michael placed on inactive list
06/18/14 McAllister, K.J. signed
06/18/14 Barnard, Chandler signed
06/15/14 Cipriota, Jacinto signed
06/11/14 Neptune, Jeff signed
06/10/14 Coughenour, Tyler activated
06/10/14 Sakowski, Jeff signed
06/10/14 Estill, Lyndon released
06/10/14 Mallory, Chris released
06/07/14 Henschel, Brian released
06/07/14 Buzzard, Colton placed on inactive list
06/06/14 Tarantola, Marc signed
06/06/14 Henschel, Brian signed
06/05/14 Williamson, Logan signed
06/05/14 Coughenour, Tyler placed on inactive list
06/04/14 Barnard, Chandler traded to outside league
06/01/14 Weatherly, Mike signed
06/01/14 Thompson, Michael signed
06/01/14 Estill, Lyndon signed
06/01/14 Tietze, Jeremy released
06/01/14 Buzzard, Colton released
06/01/14 Holdzkom, John released
05/27/14 Durling, Kenny released
05/27/14 Sterling, Andrew released