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Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings - Transactions


08/18/14 Bonnot, Ryan traded to outside league
08/13/14 Hall, Jeremy placed on disabled list
08/08/14 Rosario, Jose released
08/07/14 Elwood, Mike signed
08/06/14 Gunhouse, Ryan released
07/31/14 Sulcoski, Steve traded to outside league
07/27/14 Llanos, Alex released
06/17/14 Harris, John signed
06/16/14 Terrasas, Taylor released
06/15/14 Perucki, RJ signed
06/08/14 Wilcox, Travis placed on disabled list
06/06/14 L, Z signed
06/02/14 Sterling, Andrew signed
06/02/14 Blair, Joseph traded to outside league
05/30/14 Blair, Joseph signed
05/30/14 Herrand, Yhohathan signed
05/25/14 Kawakaku, Hisashi traded to outside league
05/25/14 LLeywn, Nathan traded to outside league
05/22/14 Vandermark, Josh released