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Quebec Les Capitales - Transactions


08/17/10 Granitto, Giuseppe released
08/12/10 Gregory, Sean released
08/10/10 Granitto, Giuseppe signed
08/07/10 Arnold, Adam released
08/06/10 GĂ©linas, Karl activated
08/04/10 Lemieux, Jared released
08/01/10 Tomlinson, Goefrey placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/01/10 LaForest, Pierre-Luc signed
07/30/10 Cros, Anthony activated
07/29/10 Belanger, Steven released
07/27/10 Deschenes, Patrick released
07/27/10 Malkowski, Brendon signed
07/11/10 Thompson, Michael L. acquired in trade from outside league Wichita (Am. Assn.)
07/06/10 Rowland, Brendan released
07/06/10 Jackson, Brad released
07/04/10 Rossignol, Daniel released
07/02/10 Bell, Mike acquired in trade from outside league Fort Worth (Am. Assn.)
06/30/10 Dube, Steve released
06/27/10 Pappas, Mark released
06/27/10 Brown, Morgan released
06/21/10 Denis-Fortier, Kevin released
06/21/10 Byron, Greg released
06/18/10 Scalabrini, Patrick released
06/14/10 Pearson, Tyler released
06/14/10 Ojito, Sandy released
06/12/10 Nicholson, Nolan released
06/06/10 Green, Steve released