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New Jersey - Transactions


10/14/11 Moore, Mike C. traded to Newark
09/22/11 Gunderson, Kyle released
09/22/11 Ellis, Josh released
09/22/11 Mendez, Jairo released
09/20/11 Birosak, Dustin acquired in trade from Brockton
09/03/11 Gagg, Bobby released
08/29/11 Santomauro, Nick released
08/29/11 Richard, Mike acquired in trade from Rockland to complete earlier trade
08/27/11 Jones, Mike released
08/18/11 Petrowski, Mike traded to outside league New York (NY State Lge)
08/12/11 Sullivan, Anthony released
08/09/11 Sullivan, Anthony claimed off waivers from Quebec
08/02/11 Leverton, James sold to Florida Marlins
08/01/11 Reyes, Argenis sold to Cleveland Indians
07/27/11 Clyne, Stephen released
07/25/11 Davis, Leonard sold to Washington Nationals
07/19/11 Hunt, Jeremy released
07/15/11 Kulik, Ryan released
07/14/11 Slayden, Jeremy traded to Rockland in exchange for PTBNL
07/02/11 Wideman, A.J. released
06/27/11 Vasami, Chris released
06/27/11 Pontius, Mike released
06/24/11 ASD, ASD released
06/20/11 Bartleski, Phillip traded to outside league Ft Worth (American Assn)
06/12/11 Betteridge, Dan released
06/07/11 Wideman, A.J. released
05/27/11 Gordon, Charlie released
05/26/11 Flores, Angel released
05/24/11 Royster, Ryan traded to Brockton in exchange for PTBNL
05/24/11 Lobban, Ryan traded to Newark in exchange for PTBNL
05/22/11 McClain, Lance released
05/12/11 Jones, Travis A. released
05/10/11 Bergeron, Jabe released
04/28/11 Plefka, Jon traded to outside league El Paso (American Assn.)
04/18/11 Chavez, Zane traded to outside league Grand Prairie (AA)
04/15/11 Rodriguez, Edward R. released
04/15/11 Icenogle, Jeff released
03/30/11 Hicks, Romas released
03/25/11 Binick, Kraig traded to outside league Long Island (Atlantic League)
03/24/11 Loadenthal, Carl released
02/28/11 Fernandez, Luis released
02/14/11 Rosa, Jovan released
02/14/11 Miller, Jayson released
01/17/11 Binick, Kraig acquired in trade from outside league St. Paul (Am. Assn.)
01/17/11 Nunez, Abraham O. released
01/14/11 Delgado, Mario acquired in trade from outside league Schaumburg (North Am. League)
12/31/10 Qualben, David traded to Pittsfield
12/31/10 Gordon, Charlie acquired in trade from Pittsfield
12/31/10 Loadenthal, Carl acquired in trade from Pittsfield
12/30/10 Estanga, Edgar released
12/29/10 Flores, Angel released
12/15/10 Locke, Jared acquired in trade from outside league Windy City (Frontier League)
11/15/10 Qualben, David claimed off waivers from Pittsfield
11/04/10 Jones, Justin W. released