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New Jersey Jackals - Transactions


03/25/13 Birosak, Dustin released
01/08/13 Giarraputo, Nick sold to Chicago White Sox
10/31/12 Clemente, Edgard released
09/25/12 Kennedy, Jimmer traded to Newark Bears
09/25/12 Guzman, Carlos traded to Newark Bears
08/18/12 Rutledge, Marc traded to Newark Bears for Mike Ness
08/09/12 Woods, Zach sold to New york Yankees
08/03/12 Jimenez, DAngelo traded to Newark Bears
07/12/12 Nandin, Matt acquired in trade from Rockland Boulders
07/12/12 Salotti, Nick acquired in trade from Worcester Tornadoes
07/12/12 Kibler, Jon released
07/12/12 Caseres, Steve released
06/21/12 Santiesteban, Danny traded to Newark Bears for player to be named later
06/14/12 Ramos, Roberto released
06/13/12 Weinkofsky, Keith released
06/12/12 Chico, Matt released
06/08/12 Kibler, Jon placed on disabled list retroactive to June 7
06/08/12 Wink, T.J. released
06/07/12 Zenko, Mike traded to outside league Fargo-Moorhead (AA)
06/01/12 Wink, T.J. released
05/15/12 Locke, Jared released
05/14/12 Hunt, Bridger traded to outside league to Grand Prairie (AA)
05/14/12 Fairel, Matt traded to outside league to Winnipeg (American Assoc.)
05/03/12 Newton, Jordan released
04/18/12 Agreste, Joe traded to outside league Evansville (Frontier League)
04/13/12 Sanchez, Kris released
04/12/12 Madera, Sandy released
04/10/12 Anderson, Chris traded to outside league to Washington (Frontier)
04/04/12 Richard, Mike released
03/09/12 Leslie, Myron released
02/22/12 Ellis, Shaun traded to outside league Amarillo (AA)
02/09/12 Railsback, Cody traded to outside league El Paso (AA)
02/01/12 DeJesus, Mike released
01/31/12 Wideman, A.J. released
01/27/12 White, Chris released
01/24/12 Smith, Sean M. traded to outside league St. Paul (AA)
12/30/11 Jimenez, DAngelo released
11/10/11 Nunez, Argelis released