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Brockton - Transactions


10/19/11 VanLeur, Jack released
10/19/11 Hunt, Jeremy released
10/19/11 Cuadrado, Phillip released
10/19/11 Torres, Mike released
10/19/11 Hertzler, Brad released
09/22/11 Van Every, Jonathan released
09/22/11 Nathans, Tucker released
09/20/11 Birosak, Dustin traded to New Jersey
09/16/11 Kelly, John released
09/14/11 Valencia, Chris sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
08/29/11 Petrowski, Mike acquired in trade from New York
08/25/11 Hernandez, Trey released
08/19/11 Sumner, Alex released
08/17/11 Nishikawa, Tetsu released
08/08/11 Woods, Zach released
08/07/11 Vranau, Steve traded to outside league Fort Worth (Am. Assn.)
08/07/11 Richard, Steven released
07/31/11 Beauchesne, Mathieu released
07/31/11 Bono, Robert released
07/27/11 Royster, Ryan released
07/25/11 Schmidt, Daniel released
07/23/11 Nathans, Tucker released
07/20/11 Hertzler, Brad released
07/19/11 Loye, Jake signed
07/18/11 Hertzler, Brad placed on inactive list
07/17/11 VanLeur, Jack signed
07/17/11 Nathans, Tucker signed
07/14/11 Jimenez, Jorge sold to Cincinnati Reds
07/11/11 Richard, Steven signed
07/06/11 Jackson, Reid released
07/02/11 Hughes, Travis released
06/28/11 Kennedy, Jimmer acquired in trade from outside league from Fort Worth (Am. Assn.)
06/27/11 Lynch, Colin released
06/24/11 Schmidt, Daniel activated
06/24/11 Lynch, Colin released
06/24/11 Hernandez, Trey signed
06/23/11 Monger, Cameron released
06/13/11 Wiley, Sam released
06/10/11 Rosenbeck, Jake released
06/10/11 Birosak, Dustin signed
06/10/11 Monger, Cameron acquired in trade from outside league Ft Worth (American Assn)
06/10/11 Kennedy, Jimmer traded to outside league Ft Worth (American Assn)
06/03/11 Torres, Mike signed
05/30/11 Dombrowski, Bobby released
05/26/11 Karr, Palmer released
05/24/11 Roth, Mike released
05/24/11 Tyson, Nick released
05/24/11 Royster, Ryan acquired in trade from New Jersey in exchange for PTBNL
05/21/11 Kitt, Mike released
04/04/11 Conroy, Mike released
04/04/11 Wlodarczyk, Mike released
04/04/11 Ortiz, Francisco released
04/04/11 Lundgren, Wayne released
03/21/11 Cuadrado, Phillip traded to outside league St. Paul (Am. Assn.)