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Windy City ThunderBolts - Échanges


10/16/17 Lowe, Andrew released
10/16/17 Chigas, Chris released
10/16/17 Hornbaker, Nick released
09/08/17 Fisher, Jake traded to outside league
08/25/17 Budnick, Ryan signed
08/25/17 DeBoo, Chris signed
08/25/17 Krane, Riley placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
08/25/17 Loconsole, Brian placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/08/17 Hornbaker, Nick signed
08/07/17 Landsheft, Will acquired in trade from Gateway Grizzlies for PTBNL
08/06/17 Robison, Drake released
07/31/17 Kuzminsky, Scott sold to Seattle Mariners
07/11/17 Silberman, Matt released
07/03/17 Lowe, Andrew signed
07/03/17 Jones, Zack signed
06/30/17 Bass, Corey signed
06/30/17 Sullivan, Conor traded to Lake Erie Crushers
06/30/17 Kerian, David released
06/28/17 Silberman, Matt signed
06/26/17 Stolley, Jake released
06/26/17 Murphy, Tyler Retired
06/24/17 Krane, Riley signed
06/23/17 Darby, Austin released
06/23/17 Santiago, TJ signed
06/21/17 Troiano, Robert released
06/20/17 Robison, Drake signed
06/18/17 Muller, Brady sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
06/17/17 Glick, Josh signed
06/14/17 Troiano, Robert signed
06/14/17 Lenik, Kevin sold to Kansas City Royals
06/13/17 Jaeger, John signed
06/13/17 Von Ruden, Kyle sold to Chicago White Sox
06/13/17 Mincey, Cody released
05/28/17 Stolley, Jake activated
05/27/17 Lowe, Andrew released
05/23/17 Dundon, Andrew signed
05/23/17 Sullivan, Conor signed
05/22/17 Britt, Danny released
05/22/17 Amato, Chris released
05/09/17 VanNoy, Lance released
05/09/17 Carter, Devin released
05/09/17 Hunt, Tyler released
05/09/17 Delmotte, Austin released
05/07/17 Santiago, Ricky released
05/04/17 Miller, Joey released
04/27/17 Britt, Danny signed
04/26/17 Morton, Scott placed on inactive list
04/26/17 Stolley, Jake placed on inactive list
04/26/17 Crower, Evan placed on inactive list
04/26/17 Mincey, Cody signed
04/22/17 Lenik, Kevin signed
04/13/17 Walker, Keenyn signed
03/10/17 Smart, Taylor traded to Joliet Slammers
03/09/17 Kerian, David signed
03/03/17 VanNoy, Lance signed
02/21/17 Yano, Jayson placed on inactive list
02/21/17 Santiago, Ricky signed
02/15/17 Fisher, Jake activated
01/31/17 Darby, Austin acquired in trade from outside league
01/26/17 Hunt, Tyler signed
01/19/17 Kuzminsky, Scott acquired in trade from outside league
01/06/17 Carter, Devin signed
12/07/16 Miller, Joey signed
12/05/16 Keefer, Cody Retired
11/30/16 Eierman, Johnny Retired
11/29/16 Krug, Will signed
10/31/16 Bass, Corey sold to Miami Marlins