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Windy City ThunderBolts - Échanges


08/30/16 Smart, Taylor placed on inactive list
08/11/16 Fisher, Jake placed on inactive list
07/24/16 Stolley, Jake signed
07/18/16 Gil, Isaac released
07/12/16 Strombom, Ryan released
07/12/16 Lima, Joel Retired
07/08/16 Giannini, Cameron activated
07/07/16 Westcott, Zac signed
07/07/16 Cody, Mitchell released
07/06/16 Thurber, Charley signed
07/06/16 Lawson, Reggie released
07/06/16 Eierman, Johnny activated
07/03/16 Sharon, Joel released
07/03/16 Barker, Kevin released
06/29/16 Muller, Brady activated
06/23/16 Sharon, Joel signed
06/22/16 Muller, Brady placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/20/16 Wood, Kyle signed
06/20/16 Eierman, Johnny placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
06/12/16 Williams, John signed
06/11/16 Giannini, Cameron placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/11/16 Boyle, Brandon released
06/07/16 Gil, Isaac signed
06/07/16 Maus, Brett released
06/05/16 Maus, Brett placed on inactive list
05/24/16 Loconsole, Brian signed
05/18/16 Child, Dan placed on disabled list (minimum 60 days)
05/18/16 Cody, Mitchell signed
05/15/16 Wasserman, Zak sold to New York Yankees
05/11/16 Crower, Evan released
05/11/16 Tufts, Ryan released
05/11/16 Zych, Nico released
05/11/16 Mincey, Cody released
05/08/16 Gyrion, Ryan released
05/06/16 Williams, Chris released
05/06/16 Alexander, Quintin released
05/06/16 Miden, Alex released
04/28/16 Wasserman, Zak activated
04/05/16 Zier, Tim signed
04/05/16 Beck, Blair signed
04/05/16 Eierman, Johnny signed
03/28/16 Chigas, Chris signed
03/15/16 Smart, Taylor signed
02/02/16 Lowe, Andrew signed
01/29/16 Boyle, Brandon signed
01/29/16 Murphy, Tyler signed
01/27/16 Barker, Kevin signed
01/26/16 Child, Dan signed
01/25/16 Strombom, Ryan signed
01/25/16 Maus, Brett signed
01/14/16 Nance, Tommy sold to Chicago Cubs
01/06/16 Lawson, Reggie signed
12/08/15 Nuernberg, Dyllon released
12/07/15 Chapman, Clay signed
11/06/15 Bass, Corey acquired in trade from outside league