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Vallejo Admirals - Transactions


08/25/15 Cunningham, Josh signed
08/25/15 Cunningham, Josh signed
08/25/15 Bunting, Chad traded to Sonoma Stompers
08/25/15 Cunningham, Josh signed
08/25/15 Barker, Kevin signed
08/25/15 Morioka, Mason granted free agency
08/20/15 Bravo, Drue signed
08/18/15 Grim, Nick signed
08/12/15 Ramirez, Devon released
08/12/15 Morioka, Mason signed
08/12/15 Wynn, David signed
08/11/15 Barker, Kevin released
08/07/15 Williams, Tim signed
08/01/15 Pederson, Tyger signed
08/01/15 Alton, Matt signed
08/01/15 Brill, Aaron signed
08/01/15 Fera, Alex released
08/01/15 Maldonado, C.J. released
08/01/15 Hayman, Kyle released
08/01/15 Guerra, Tony released
08/01/15 Gray, Ian released
07/31/15 McDowall, Kenny signed
07/31/15 Lopresti, James released
07/29/15 Young, Brad granted free agency
07/25/15 Uyeno, Tony released
07/25/15 Fera, Alex signed
07/23/15 Lopresti, James signed
07/23/15 Cerda, Michael traded to Pittsburg Diamonds for player to be named later
07/21/15 Brown, Robert released
07/21/15 Weinschenk, Scott released
07/21/15 Harris, Jaylen released
07/21/15 Bunting, Chad signed
07/16/15 Wynn, David released
07/11/15 Brill, Aaron granted free agency
07/11/15 Wynn, David signed
07/07/15 Guerra, Tony acquired in trade from San Rafael Pacifics
07/07/15 Brill, Aaron acquired in trade from Pittsburg Diamonds
07/07/15 Hinshaw, Jordan traded to Pittsburg Diamonds For Aaron Brill
07/07/15 Martinez, Danny released
06/25/15 Martinez, Juan released
06/23/15 Sandford, Darian placed on inactive list
06/23/15 Lotti, Logan released
06/14/15 Williams, Brian released
06/07/15 McClendon, Tony signed
06/07/15 Martinez, Juan placed on inactive list 7-Day Inactive List
06/02/15 Boggan, Nick placed on inactive list