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Camden Riversharks - Transactions


09/10/15 Rodriguez, Junior signed
09/09/15 Wilson, Landis released
09/04/15 Englebrook, Evan placed on inactive list
09/03/15 Gamel, Mat signed
09/01/15 Wilson, Landis signed
08/27/15 Garrison, Steve activated
08/27/15 Strieby, Ryan placed on inactive list
08/27/15 Gil, Jose sold to Los Angeles Angels
08/16/15 Englebrook, Evan signed
08/16/15 Costanzo, Mike placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/05/15 Garrison, Steve placed on inactive list
08/05/15 Rockett, Michael activated
08/02/15 Kulik, Ryan placed on inactive list
08/02/15 Rockett, Michael suspended
08/02/15 Smith, Eric activated
07/29/15 Smith, Eric placed on inactive list
07/29/15 Garrison, Steve activated
07/23/15 Susini, Norberto released
07/23/15 Clark, Zach released
07/23/15 Braddock, Zach activated
07/23/15 Torrez, Wes activated
07/23/15 Gil, Jose activated
07/23/15 Garrison, Steve placed on inactive list
07/20/15 Gil, Jose placed on inactive list
07/20/15 Frain, Eric activated
07/20/15 Torrez, Wes placed on inactive list
07/20/15 Kerns, Mike activated
07/17/15 Otanez, Willis released
07/17/15 Frain, Eric released
07/17/15 Crawford, Evan activated
07/17/15 Costanzo, Mike activated
07/17/15 Singer, Jeff signed
07/14/15 Crawford, Evan placed on inactive list
06/30/15 Kulik, Ryan activated
06/30/15 Gleason, Sean placed on inactive list
06/20/15 Otanez, Willis signed
06/20/15 Sorondo, Eddie released
06/16/15 Clark, Zach activated
06/16/15 Kulik, Ryan placed on inactive list
06/11/15 MacPhee, Zach signed
06/11/15 Kerns, Mike placed on inactive list
06/11/15 Clark, Zach placed on inactive list
06/11/15 Garrison, Steve activated
05/31/15 Hose, T.J. placed on inactive list
05/31/15 Garrison, Steve placed on inactive list
05/31/15 Ni, Fu-Te released
05/28/15 Rockett, Daniel signed
05/28/15 Bull, Stephen released
05/27/15 Matera, Paddy activated
05/22/15 Susini, Norberto signed
05/22/15 Coronado, Nate released
05/19/15 Hennigan, Dan traded to outside league Los Angeles Dodgers
05/14/15 Crawford, Evan acquired in trade from Long Island Ducks for future considerations
05/13/15 Barfield, Jeremy traded to outside league Mexican Baseball League
05/12/15 Chism, T.J. signed
05/11/15 Polanco, Alex released
05/10/15 Smith, Eric signed
05/09/15 Kline, Eric released
05/05/15 Chaves, Brandon activated
05/05/15 Matera, Paddy placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/01/15 Kulik, Ryan activated
04/23/15 Bull, Stephen signed
04/23/15 Polanco, Alex signed
04/23/15 Sorondo, Eddie signed
04/23/15 Bryson, Rob signed
04/15/15 Hudak, Alex placed on inactive list
04/14/15 Barfield, Jeremy signed
04/08/15 Rockett, Michael signed
04/07/15 Guzman, Joel signed
04/07/15 Herrera, Daniel signed
03/29/15 Gil, Jose signed
03/24/15 Guzman, Carlos acquired in trade from outside league Rockland Boulders
03/24/15 Braddock, Zach signed
03/19/15 Gorgen, Matt signed
03/17/15 Strieby, Ryan signed
03/04/15 Hose, T.J. signed
02/27/15 Matera, Paddy signed
02/27/15 Hudak, Alex signed
02/26/15 Murphy, Bill signed
02/24/15 Blewett, Dan signed
02/22/15 Kulik, Ryan signed
02/20/15 Garrison, Steve signed
02/19/15 Torrez, Wes signed
02/12/15 Chaves, Brandon signed
02/04/15 Kline, Eric signed
02/03/15 Hennigan, Dan signed
01/31/15 Gleason, Sean signed
01/28/15 Ni, Fu-Te signed
01/25/15 Costanzo, Mike signed
01/21/15 Clark, Zach signed
01/21/15 Click, Michael signed