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Long Island Ducks - Transactions


09/02/14 Crawford, Evan placed on inactive list
09/02/14 Retherford, C.J. acquired in trade from outside league Fargo-Moorhead of Amer. Assoc.
09/02/14 Regas, Kris acquired in trade from outside league Kansas City of American Assoc.
08/30/14 Whitenack, Rob released
08/26/14 Bantz, Brandon reinstated to active list
08/26/14 Puma, A.J. released
08/24/14 Lorin, Brett reinstated to active list
08/24/14 Talbot, Mitch sold to Lamigo Monkeys of CPBL
08/23/14 Bantz, Brandon placed on inactive list
08/23/14 Puma, A.J. signed
08/13/14 Lorin, Brett placed on inactive list
08/13/14 Arguello, Doug signed
08/12/14 Meloan, Jon placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/12/14 Whitenack, Rob reinstated to active list
08/03/14 Whitenack, Rob placed on inactive list
08/03/14 Crawford, Evan signed
08/03/14 Organ, Tommy signed
08/02/14 Myers, Jon traded to outside league River City of Frontier League
08/02/14 Accardo, Jeremy released
08/02/14 Perez, Sergio signed
07/18/14 Hall, Bill signed
07/08/14 Ruiz, Randy sold to Veracruz of the Mexican League
07/07/14 Castillo, Keith traded to outside league Grand Prairie (American Assoc)
07/07/14 Bantz, Brandon signed
06/30/14 Barnes, Casey traded to outside league Kansas City of American Assoc.
06/30/14 Talbot, Mitch signed
06/21/14 Garrison, Steve released
06/21/14 Zimmermann, Bob signed
06/11/14 Whitenack, Rob signed
06/05/14 Hernandez, Fernando suspended
05/31/14 McClendon, Chris traded to outside league Gateway of Frontier League
05/30/14 Kopp, David signed
05/26/14 Rosales, Leo sold to Yucatan of the Mexican League
05/22/14 Armenio, Anthony placed on inactive list
05/20/14 Ruiz, Randy signed
05/19/14 Strieby, Ryan traded to Camden Riversharks To complete trade from 5/18
05/18/14 Vazquez, Jan acquired in trade from Camden Riversharks for a player to be named later
05/18/14 Peacock, Brian released
05/16/14 Harris, Brendan signed
05/16/14 Meloan, Jon signed
05/16/14 Holt, Brad placed on inactive list
05/16/14 Way, Matt released
05/08/14 Lansford, Jared reinstated to active list
05/07/14 Armenio, Anthony signed
04/24/14 Lansford, Jared placed on inactive list
04/24/14 Holt, Brad signed
04/15/14 Latimore, Quincy sold to Washington Nationals
04/09/14 Latimore, Quincy signed
04/09/14 Castillo, Keith signed
04/09/14 Accardo, Jeremy signed
04/08/14 Rivera, Saul released
04/08/14 Rosales, Leo signed
04/04/14 Lorin, Brett signed
04/03/14 Peacock, Brian signed
04/03/14 Rivera, Saul signed
04/02/14 Puckett, Cody signed
03/31/14 Garrison, Steve signed
03/26/14 Brodin, Joash signed
03/24/14 Way, Matt signed
03/18/14 Miranda, Sergio signed
03/18/14 Hernandez, Fernando signed
03/06/14 Lansford, Josh signed
03/06/14 Lansford, Jared signed
03/04/14 Garceau, Shaun signed
02/27/14 Brownell, John signed
02/26/14 Blevins, Bobby signed
02/24/14 Ford, Lew signed
02/20/14 Lentini, Fehlandt signed
02/18/14 McClendon, Chris acquired in trade from outside league for a player to be named later
02/18/14 McClendon, Chris signed
02/12/14 Strieby, Ryan signed
02/12/14 Bailey, Adam signed
01/27/14 Barnes, Casey signed
01/27/14 Barnes, Casey acquired in trade from outside league for future considerations
01/27/14 Niesen, Eric signed
01/16/14 Myers, Jon signed
01/16/14 Lyons, Dan signed