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Cape Catfish - Transactions


06/21/19 Washington Jr, Curtis signed
06/10/19 Sells, Carter released
05/29/19 Stuckenschneider, Brandon signed
05/27/19 Baremore, Lane released
05/25/19 Bunnell, Adam signed
05/25/19 Schultz, Chandler released
05/20/19 Hanna II, Ellison signed
05/17/19 Pedrouzo, Julian released
05/14/19 Sanchez, Steven signed
05/13/19 McNeely, Bryan signed
05/13/19 Elliott, Wade released
05/02/19 Nasuti, Charlie released
05/01/19 Martin, Evan released
04/30/19 Nasuti, Charlie signed
04/29/19 Pedrouzo, Julian signed
04/24/19 Doyle, Dalton signed
04/11/19 Vogt, Ryan signed
04/01/19 Hicks, Austin signed
03/29/19 Taylor, Collin signed
03/29/19 Sells, Carter signed