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Napa Silverados - Transactions


08/30/18 Glenn, Devontae placed on inactive list
08/30/18 Gonsalves, Mitchell signed
08/22/18 Stoll, Nick released
08/22/18 Anderson, Jordan reinstated to active list
08/15/18 Berringer, Lance released
08/15/18 Glenn, Devontae reinstated to active list
08/15/18 Anderson, Jordan placed on inactive list
08/15/18 Brasoban, Yimmi signed
08/15/18 Richards, Matt released
08/15/18 Cronin, Martin signed
08/11/18 Davis, Kai released
08/11/18 Berringer, Lance signed
08/10/18 Lang, Neil released
08/10/18 Coleman, Kendall signed
08/07/18 Stoll, Nick signed
08/07/18 Brasoban, Yimmi released
08/04/18 Glenn, Devontae placed on inactive list
08/04/18 Richards, Matt signed
08/03/18 Ortiz, Braulio signed
08/03/18 Lang, Neil signed
08/03/18 Gallardo, Augie traded to outside league Traverse City Beach Bums
08/01/18 Nunnally, Jonathan released
08/01/18 Anderson, Jordan reinstated to active list
07/28/18 Bono, Christoph released
07/28/18 Cooper, Ryan signed
07/27/18 Thomas, Eric released
07/27/18 Young, Mark signed
07/24/18 De Leon, Christopher signed
07/24/18 Gonsalves, Mitchell released
07/20/18 Anderson, Jordan placed on inactive list
07/20/18 Jones, Ray reinstated to active list
07/20/18 Liriano, Elvin signed
07/17/18 Cooper, Ryan released
07/17/18 Mordecai, Ryan released
07/17/18 Fitzpatrick, Austin released
07/17/18 Mark, T.C. released
07/17/18 Wendorf, Zach released
07/17/18 Bono, Christoph signed
07/17/18 Nunnally, Jonathan signed
07/13/18 Gallardo, Augie signed
07/13/18 Fischer, Brennen released
07/12/18 Mordecai, Ryan signed
07/12/18 Lara, Angel released
07/11/18 Salas, Willy signed
07/11/18 Taylor, Zach signed
07/11/18 Thomas, Eric signed
07/11/18 Hultz, Kurtis released
07/11/18 Koltak, Michael released
07/11/18 Miyadera, Masahiro released
07/11/18 Mark, T.C. placed on inactive list
07/07/18 Jones, Ray placed on inactive list
07/07/18 Mejia, Angel signed
07/07/18 Fitzpatrick, Austin signed
07/07/18 Young, Mark released
07/07/18 Young, Mark released
07/05/18 Mark, T.C. reinstated to active list
07/05/18 Wendorf, Zach placed on inactive list
07/05/18 Brasoban, Yimmi signed
07/03/18 Asbury-Heath, DeAndre traded to outside league
07/03/18 Mendez, Deivy traded to outside league Signed By Pittsburgh Pirates
07/03/18 Sharp, Tyler released
07/03/18 Watson, Rupert released
07/03/18 Gonsalves, Mitchell signed
06/30/18 Davis, Kai reinstated to active list
06/30/18 Hultz, Kurtis placed on inactive list
06/29/18 Wendorf, Zach signed
06/29/18 Ozuna, Bryan released
06/28/18 Mark, T.C. placed on inactive list
06/28/18 Cooper, Ryan acquired in trade from Vallejo Admirals
06/27/18 Yoshioka, Drake signed
06/27/18 Fernandez, Mateo released
06/23/18 Fernandez, Mateo reinstated to active list
06/23/18 Davis, Kai placed on inactive list
06/23/18 Young, Mark signed
06/23/18 Gotta, Nick traded to outside league Quebec Capitales
06/22/18 Gonsalves, Mitchell released
06/22/18 Miyadera, Masahiro signed
06/19/18 Bravo, Drue released
06/19/18 Humes, Robert released
06/19/18 Fischer, Brennen signed
06/15/18 Mark, T.C. reinstated to active list
06/15/18 Humes, Robert placed on inactive list
06/14/18 Ozuna, Bryan signed
06/14/18 Watson, Rupert placed on inactive list
06/13/18 Mendez, Deivy signed
06/13/18 Fernandez, Mateo placed on inactive list
06/12/18 Miyadera, Masahiro released
06/12/18 Watson, Rupert reinstated to active list
06/08/18 Caffrey, Chris released
06/08/18 Mark, T.C. placed on inactive list
06/05/18 Lara, Angel acquired in trade from Pittsburg Diamonds for a player to be named later