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Road Warriors - Transactions


09/11/18 Wenrich, Isaac Placed on ineligible list
09/10/18 Hibbert, Matt Placed on ineligible list
09/09/18 Cruz, Luis placed on inactive list
08/28/18 De La Hoz, Robert activated
08/28/18 De La Hoz, Robert signed
08/24/18 Lee, Michael placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/17/18 Rivera, Chris placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/16/18 Gabay, William placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/04/18 Gomez, Edwin reinstated to active list
08/02/18 Zinicola, Zech released
08/02/18 Martinez, Osvaldo activated
08/02/18 Silverio, Alfredo released
08/02/18 Martinez, Osvaldo signed
07/31/18 Treibt, Chris placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/30/18 Aldrich, Daniel activated
07/30/18 Gomez, Edwin placed on inactive list
07/30/18 Aldrich, Daniel signed
07/28/18 Checo, Mariel activated
07/28/18 Checo, Mariel signed
07/25/18 Bargas, Brandon Placed on reserve/retired list
07/24/18 DePaula, Julio activated
07/24/18 Rodriguez, Alberto activated
07/24/18 DePaula, Julio signed
07/24/18 Rodriguez, Alberto signed
07/20/18 Gabay, William placed on inactive list
07/20/18 Zinicola, Zech Placed on ineligible list
07/13/18 Ortega, Jose reinstated to active list
07/09/18 Martinez, Osvaldo released
07/01/18 Caceres, Andres activated
07/01/18 Caceres, Andres signed
06/28/18 Ortega, Jose placed on inactive list
06/25/18 Montalvo, Rafael released
06/19/18 Escobar, Ermindo signed
06/17/18 Bishop, Cody released
06/15/18 Baez, Felix reinstated to active list
06/15/18 Soto, Giovanni placed on inactive list
06/12/18 Julio-Ruiz, Jose activated
06/12/18 Julio-Ruiz, Jose signed
06/12/18 Baez, Felix placed on inactive list
06/12/18 Lee, Michael activated
06/11/18 Zinicola, Zech activated
06/11/18 Zinicola, Zech signed
06/11/18 Lee, Michael signed
06/01/18 Talley, Weston released
06/01/18 Smith, Matthew (Josh) released
05/29/18 Bishop, Cody activated
05/29/18 Bishop, Cody signed
05/28/18 Peguero, Jailen released
05/24/18 Soto, Giovanni reinstated to active list
05/24/18 Jimenez, Antonio (AJ) Placed on reserve/retired list
05/23/18 Jimenez, Antonio (AJ) reinstated to active list
05/23/18 Soto, Giovanni placed on inactive list
05/22/18 Wenrich, Isaac activated
05/22/18 Hibbert, Matt activated
05/21/18 Jimenez, Antonio (AJ) placed on inactive list
05/21/18 Wenrich, Isaac acquired in trade from Lancaster Barnstormers
05/21/18 Hibbert, Matt acquired in trade from Lancaster Barnstormers
05/17/18 Rodriguez, Ryde placed on inactive list
05/17/18 Bargas, Brandon activated
05/17/18 Bargas, Brandon signed
05/14/18 Perez, David released
05/09/18 Ortega, Jose activated
05/09/18 Vazquez, Joenny released
05/08/18 Ortega, Jose signed
05/04/18 Rivera, Chris activated
05/03/18 Rivera, Chris acquired in trade from York Revolution for a player to be named later
05/01/18 Richar, Danny released
04/24/18 Mondesi, Raul released
04/24/18 Avea, Marlon released
04/24/18 Abeita, Mitchell released
04/24/18 Farfan, Onas released
04/16/18 Gabay, William signed
04/13/18 Jimenez, Antonio (AJ) signed
04/06/18 Villa, Kelvin signed
03/28/18 Soto, Giovanni signed
03/27/18 Johnston, Andrew signed
03/27/18 Vazquez, Joenny signed
03/26/18 Abeita, Mitchell signed
03/25/18 Talley, Weston signed
03/25/18 Perez, David signed
03/24/18 Farfan, Onas signed
03/20/18 Smith, Matthew (Josh) signed
03/12/18 Avea, Marlon signed
03/10/18 Martinez, Osvaldo signed
03/08/18 Cruz, Luis signed
03/07/18 Valentin, Geraldo signed
03/06/18 Ray, Anthony signed
02/28/18 Peguero, Jailen signed
02/28/18 Mondesi, Raul signed
02/28/18 Treibt, Chris signed
02/28/18 Rivera, Raul signed
02/27/18 Fernandez, J.J. signed
02/20/18 Gomez, Edwin signed
02/20/18 Rodriguez, Ryde signed
02/17/18 Flecha-Astacio, Christian signed
02/17/18 Rodriguez, Melvin signed
02/16/18 Baez, Felix signed
02/13/18 Pierre, Gustavo signed
02/13/18 Silverio, Alfredo signed
02/13/18 Richar, Danny signed