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Frontier Greys - Transactions


07/29/14 Rogers, Stephen signed
07/29/14 Bachman, Greg Retired
07/26/14 Hyatt, B.J. signed
07/25/14 Van Zant, Oliver released
07/18/14 Belcastro, Mark signed
07/14/14 Jackson, Justin Retired
07/02/14 Pierce, Logan placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/02/14 Hildebrand, Josh released
07/02/14 DeJiulio, Frank released
07/02/14 Blair, Kyle Retired
07/02/14 Mittura, Paul signed
07/02/14 Dziomba, Jon acquired in trade from outside league
06/30/14 Blunt, Donald released
06/17/14 Scruggs, Matthew released
06/17/14 Florio, Frank signed
05/27/14 Hildebrand, Josh activated
05/26/14 Hartman, Ryan released
05/14/14 Poletsky, Joe released
05/14/14 Williams, Deaun released
05/10/14 Chavez, Matt signed
05/09/14 Vaughn, Michael sold to Colorado Rockies
05/09/14 Williams, Deaun signed
05/08/14 Ellison, Chris signed
05/08/14 Medick, Spencer sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
05/05/14 Eldemire, Gauntlett released
04/25/14 Leverett, Jarret signed
04/24/14 Rey, Lamarre signed
04/24/14 Bachman, Greg signed
04/22/14 Eldemire, Gauntlett signed
04/22/14 DeJiulio, Frank signed
04/21/14 Lowery, Patrick signed
04/21/14 Sing Chow, Waylen released
04/18/14 Tucker, Chase acquired in trade from outside league
04/17/14 Wright, Clint signed
04/09/14 Monger, Cameron signed
04/09/14 Rapp, Joe signed
04/08/14 Scruggs, Matthew signed
04/07/14 Jackson, Justin signed
04/07/14 Poletsky, Joe acquired in trade from Washington Wild Things for a player to be named later
04/05/14 Vaughn, Michael signed
04/03/14 Pierce, Logan signed
03/23/14 Lamb, Cameron signed
03/21/14 Ortega, Ramon signed
03/16/14 Blunt, Donald signed
03/14/14 Sing Chow, Waylen acquired in trade from outside league
03/13/14 Pearson, Devon signed
03/11/14 Tanner, Zach signed
03/09/14 Minucci, Jon signed
03/03/14 Hartman, Ryan signed
02/25/14 Picht, Keith acquired in trade from outside league
02/25/14 Hildebrand, Josh acquired in trade from outside league