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Harwich Mariners - Transactions


07/19/11 Reed, Caleb signed RHP Mississippi State
07/02/11 Leenhouts, Andrew signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Davies, Jake signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Carlow, Kevin signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Burke, Devin signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Jones, Tyler signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Ragira, Brian released
07/02/11 Walker, Christian released
07/02/11 Goodwin, Brian released
07/02/11 Pisani, Anthony released
07/01/11 Rutledge, Lex activated
06/29/11 Bruno, Steven released
06/29/11 Mantiply, Joe released
06/29/11 Kline, Branden released
06/29/11 Routt, Nick signed to full contract.
06/28/11 Werman, Keith activated
06/28/11 Diaz, Chris released
06/23/11 Stratton, Chris activated
06/23/11 Routt, Nick signed TEMP LHP Mississippi State
06/23/11 Jones, Tyler signed TEMP RHP LSU
06/23/11 Doyle, Mac released
06/21/11 Wilson, Austin activated
06/21/11 Helisek, Kyle released
06/21/11 Barbosa, Aaron released
06/21/11 Smorol, Rob released
06/21/11 Gausman, Kevin released
06/21/11 Capps, Carter activated
06/19/11 Davies, Jake signed TEMP LHP Georgia Tech
06/19/11 Sadoski, Andy released
06/16/11 Miller, Matt released
06/16/11 Richardson, Ronnie signed OF UCF to full contract.
06/16/11 Sweeney, Darnell activated
06/15/11 Caravella, Alex released
06/14/11 Overman, Chris activated
06/14/11 Jones, Jacoby activated
06/14/11 Jones, Devan released
06/14/11 Sager, Sam released
06/12/11 Nola, Austin activated
06/11/11 Mantiply, Joe activated
06/11/11 Gausman, Kevin activated
06/11/11 Wooten, John activated
06/11/11 Butler, Eddie activated