GMOJHL 2014-2015

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Schomberg 01/16/15 DEL Hudgin, Matthew (F) released
Schomberg 01/16/15 DEL Smith, Chris (F) released
Schomberg 01/10/15 DEL Corona, Francesco (F) released
Fergus 01/08/15 DEL Serra, David (G) released
Orillia 01/07/15 DEL Denne, Andrew (RW) placed on season ending IR
Midland 01/05/15 DEL Russell, Cam (F) traded to Schomberg
Schomberg 01/05/15 ADD Russell, Cam (F) acquired in trade from Midland
Erin 01/04/15 DEL Tremblay, Josh (F) released
Erin 01/04/15 DEL DeFazio, Cameron (F) traded to team in different league
Fergus 01/03/15 DEL Heshka, Brock (D) traded to team in different league
Caledon 12/30/14 DEL Smith, Chris (F) released
Caledon 12/30/14 DEL Breen, Adam (F) released
Huntsville 12/28/14 DEL Crowe, Sean (F) released
Huntsville 12/28/14 ADD Goodfellow, Chris (D) reassigned from
Schomberg 12/28/14 DEL Sinclair, Nathan (F) released
Penetang 12/27/14 DEL Baratto, Nicholas (D) released
Fergus 12/21/14 DEL McHugh, James (F) released
Orillia 12/12/14 DEL Gunner, Jackson (C) traded to team in different league
Orillia 12/12/14 DEL Buchanan, Greg (F) released
Huntsville 12/04/14 DEL Goodfellow, Chris (D) released
Midland 12/03/14 DEL Klerer, Brandon (G) traded to team in different league
Huntsville 12/02/14 DEL Morissette, Jason (F) released
Penetang 12/02/14 DEL Laurin, Brayden (F) placed on season ending IR
Caledon 12/01/14 DEL Ruffolo, joseph () released
Midland 11/28/14 DEL Stratton, Brandon (D) released
Huntsville 11/22/14 ADD York, Myles (F) acquired in trade from Penetang
Penetang 11/22/14 DEL York, Myles (F) traded to Huntsville
Erin 11/19/14 DEL Heath, Joe (F) released
Erin 11/19/14 DEL Grenon, Brady (F) released
Erin 11/19/14 DEL Bloor, Brett (F) released
Orillia 11/17/14 DEL Richardson, Josh (C) released
Orillia 11/17/14 DEL Young, Wyatt (D) released
Caledon 11/16/14 DEL Figliomeni, Nick (F) released
Midland 11/15/14 ADD Stone, Jason (D) acquired in trade from Orillia
Midland 11/15/14 DEL Traynor, Ty (D) traded to Orillia
Midland 11/15/14 DEL Labonte, Jean-Philip (F) traded to Orillia
Orillia 11/15/14 ADD Labonte, Jean-Philip (C) acquired in trade from Midland
Orillia 11/15/14 DEL Stone, Jason (D) traded to Midland
Orillia 11/15/14 ADD Traynor, Ty (D) acquired in trade from Midland
Orillia 11/15/14 DEL Simmons, Tyler (F) released
Schomberg 11/15/14 DEL Sarrazin, Kevin (D) released
Schomberg 11/15/14 DEL Traikos, Alex (G) released
Schomberg 11/15/14 DEL Traikos, Alex (G) released
Caledon 11/06/14 DEL Van - Asten, Gaige (F) traded to team in different league
Penetang 11/04/14 DEL Randell, Eric (D) placed on season ending IR
Penetang 11/04/14 DEL Beacock, Parker (D) placed on season ending IR
Orillia 11/02/14 DEL Salmon, Shayne () released
Midland 11/01/14 DEL Hughes, Ben (F) traded to team in different league
Schomberg 11/01/14 DEL Wood, Colton (F) released
Fergus 10/21/14 DEL Chan, Ian (F) released
Midland 10/15/14 DEL Brown, Bruce (F) released
Midland 10/11/14 DEL Dueck, Justin (F) released
Schomberg 10/10/14 DEL Quinn, Bobby (D) retired
Midland 10/03/14 ADD DeRose, Corey (F) added to team
Midland 10/03/14 DEL Simpson, Brett (D) released
Midland 10/02/14 DEL Buchanan, Greg (F) released
Alliston 09/08/14 ADD Sherwood, TJ (G) acquired in trade from Huntsville
Huntsville 09/08/14 DEL Sherwood, TJ (G) traded to Alliston
Orillia 09/08/14 ADD Simmons, Tyler (F) acquired in trade from Schomberg
Schomberg 09/08/14 DEL Simmons, Tyler (F) traded to Orillia
Alliston 09/04/14 DEL Young, Wyatt (D) traded to Orillia
Orillia 09/04/14 ADD Young, Wyatt (D) acquired in trade from Alliston
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