NA3HL 2010-2011

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Stats Roster Schedule Transactions

02/08/11 Muller, Nicholas (D) released
02/08/11 Mejia, John (F) added to team
01/31/11 Reno, Matthew (D) added to team
01/31/11 Szafranski, Eric (F) added to team
01/31/11 Pinsler, Samuel (F) released
01/31/11 Schaeffer, Edward (F) released
01/29/11 Murphy, Alexander (D) added to team
01/27/11 Doyle, Daniel (F) released
01/22/11 Kennedy, Robert (G) added to team
01/14/11 Heflin, David (G) released
01/10/11 Domico, Anthony (F) added to team
01/10/11 Bicknase, Quentin (F) added to team
01/05/11 Paloscio, Matthew (G) released
01/05/11 Boukal, Ben (F) added to team
01/05/11 Kohn, Nicholas (G) added to team
12/30/10 Doyle, Daniel (F) added to team
12/14/10 Clarke, Nicholas (G) released
12/14/10 Quinn, Connor (D) released
12/14/10 Rucinski, Justin (F) released
12/14/10 Paloscio, Matthew (G) added to team
12/08/10 Gnagni, Nick (F) released
12/08/10 Bicknase, Quentin (F) released
12/04/10 Bohne, James (F) added to team
12/03/10 Niehoff, Dylan (D) released
12/02/10 Spitzer, Joseph (D) added to team
12/02/10 Paloscio, Matthew (G) released
12/02/10 Bohne, James (F) released
12/02/10 Niehoff, Dylan (D) added to team
12/01/10 Mason, Peter (G) added to team
11/29/10 Duffy, Casey (D) added to team
11/29/10 Damon, Cody (F) released
11/16/10 Gnagni, Nick (F) added to team
11/15/10 Damon, Cody (F) added to team
11/15/10 Domico, Anthony (F) released
11/13/10 Martorano, Tyler (D) released
11/13/10 Schaeffer, Edward (F) added to team
11/13/10 White, Sean (D) released
11/11/10 Mason, Peter (G) released
11/11/10 Paloscio, Matthew (G) added to team
11/09/10 Szafranski, Eric (F) released
11/09/10 Barile, Christopher (D) added to team
11/04/10 Krafcheck, William (G) released
11/03/10 Mason, Peter (G) added to team
11/02/10 White, Sean (D) added to team
11/01/10 Schaeffer, Edward (F) released
10/29/10 Duffy, Casey (D) released
10/21/10 Krafcheck, William (G) added to team
10/19/10 Duffy, Casey (D) added to team
10/19/10 Mason, Peter (G) released
10/14/10 Martorano, Tyler (D) added to team
10/14/10 Holeczy, Samuel (F) released
10/14/10 McCaig, Garrett (D) released
10/06/10 Pinsler, Samuel (F) added to team
10/06/10 Martorano, Tyler (D) released
10/06/10 Warner, Tanner (D) added to team
10/06/10 Quinn, Connor (D) added to team
10/02/10 Douskey, Jayce (F) released
10/02/10 Caceres, Randon (D) released
09/25/10 Caceres, Randon (D) added to team
09/24/10 Spica, Matthew (F) added to team
09/24/10 Muller, Nicholas (D) added to team
09/24/10 Schaeffer, Edward (F) added to team
09/23/10 Douskey, Jayce (F) added to team
09/22/10 Boukal, Ben (F) released
09/22/10 Gunnar, Alexander (D) released
09/22/10 Soukup, Matthew (F) released
09/22/10 Quinn, Connor (D) released
09/10/10 Boukal, Ben (F) added to team
09/09/10 Cooper, Cody (G) released