CSHL 2008-2009

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02/10/09 Gallagher, Patrick (F) released
02/10/09 DeSano, Jacob (D) added to team
01/29/09 Kinnie, Kevin (G) added to team
01/29/09 Williams, Jake (D) added to team
01/29/09 DeSano, Jacob (D) released
01/28/09 Justice, Jared (F) traded to team in different league GLJHL (Michigan Mountain Cats)
01/24/09 Carlock, Sean (F) added to team
01/09/09 Garvie, Michael (F) traded to team in different league MJHL (Minnesota Flying Aces)
01/08/09 Nault, Brandon (D) added to team
01/08/09 Wittenberg, Kevin (F) released
01/02/09 Nault, Brandon (D) released
01/02/09 McCaig, Matt (F) added to team
01/02/09 Rutkowski, Chad (F) added to team
01/01/09 Phillips, Ryan (D) added to team
12/22/08 Malcolm, Mark (F) released
12/18/08 DeSano, Jacob (D) added to team
12/18/08 New, Andrew (G) traded to team in different league GLJHL (Michigan Ice Dogs)
12/17/08 Kolbasowski, Michael (F) activated from suspension
12/17/08 Kolbasowski, Michael (F) released
12/11/08 Sims, Trever (D) released
12/11/08 Williams, David (F) added to team
12/10/08 Kolbasowski, Michael (F) placed on team suspension for 22 games
12/04/08 Yonish, Michael (F) released
12/04/08 Gallagher, Patrick (F) added to team
11/28/08 Sims, Trever (D) added to team
11/20/08 Garvie, Michael (F) added to team
11/12/08 Asher, Jonathan (F) released
11/07/08 Dallmann, Josh (D) added to team
11/07/08 Wittenberg, Kevin (F) added to team
11/07/08 Corcoran, Andrew (G) added to team
11/06/08 Huckleby, Andrew (D) released
11/06/08 Yonish, Michael (F) added to team
11/06/08 McMahon, John (D) released
10/31/08 Licari, Lou (D) traded to team in different league WSHL (Tulsa Rampage)
10/31/08 Carlock, Sean (F) released
10/30/08 Elezaj, Paul (F) added to team
10/30/08 Noe, Matthew (F) added to team
10/22/08 Kakos, James (F) released
10/22/08 Graff, Shaun (F) traded to team in different league GLJHL (Michigan Ice Dogs)
10/22/08 Kowalski, Frederick (F) traded to team in different league GLJHL (Michigan Ice Dogs)
10/22/08 Malcolm, Mark (F) added to team
10/15/08 Kowalski, Frederick (F) added to team
10/15/08 Graff, Shaun (F) added to team
10/15/08 Iwanow, Adam (F) traded to team in different league GLJHL (Michigan Ice Dogs)
10/15/08 Nisun, Sean (D) traded to team in different league GLJHL (Michigan Ice Dogs)
10/09/08 Jacobs, Aaron (F) released
10/09/08 Schofield, Tyler (D) added to team
10/09/08 Hooker, Tim (F) released
09/26/08 Jones, Dustin (D) acquired in trade from Toledo
09/26/08 Hooker, Tim (F) added to team
09/25/08 MacRitchie, Norm (F) released
09/25/08 DeSano, Jacob (D) released
09/12/08 Bell, Samuel (D) released
09/12/08 Nisun, Sean (D) added to team
09/09/08 Jacobs, Brian (D) released
09/09/08 Kakos, James (F) added to team
09/08/08 Kolbasowski, Michael (F) added to team
09/03/08 Greeley, Colin (G) added to team
09/03/08 Pikunas, Alexander (G) released