SPHL 2011/2012

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Stats Roster Schedule Transactions

03/21/12 Foam, Derek (D) returned from loan to Wheeling (ECHL)
03/20/12 Kretzer, Ryan (RW) placed on season ending IR
03/09/12 Detulleo, Glenn (C) hired as head coach
03/09/12 Detulleo, Glenn (C) retired
03/08/12 Murphy, Randy () dismissed as head coach
03/07/12 Krauss, Nick (G) signed contract
03/07/12 Beech, Kevin (G) loaned to Rapid City (CHL)
03/06/12 Reddin, Colin (C) claimed off waivers
03/06/12 Gordon, James (D) waived
03/03/12 Brook, Barrett (D) signed contract
03/03/12 Schrank, Rick (LW) placed on 30 day IR
02/27/12 Foam, Derek (D) acquired in trade from Knoxville for Shaun Arvai
02/27/12 Morton, Alex (F) acquired in trade from Louisiana for future considerations
02/27/12 Arvai, Shaun (D) traded to Knoxville for Derek Foam
02/26/12 Marks, Brian (D) waived
02/24/12 Gordon, James (D) signed contract
02/24/12 Kretzer, Ryan (RW) placed on 30 day IR
02/24/12 Maunu, Ryan (C) signed contract
02/22/12 Hazelwood, Jeff (F) loaned to Las Vegas (ECHL)
02/21/12 Marks, Brian (D) signed contract
02/16/12 Maunu, Ryan (C) signed 3 game tryout
02/14/12 Sibbald, Mark (G) activated from suspension
02/14/12 Marks, Brian (D) signed 3 game tryout
02/14/12 Wheeler, Nick (D) waived
02/13/12 Hache, Matt (G) waived
02/03/12 Boutin-Gagnon, Gabriel (D) traded to Mississippi RiverKings for future considerations
02/02/12 Brown, Greg (D) returned from loan to Allen (CHL)
01/26/12 Jordan, Michael (D) waived
01/26/12 Crawford, Kyle (D) signed contract
01/24/12 Hazelwood, Jeff (F) signed contract
01/16/12 Pell, Joey (D) waived
01/09/12 Stefan, Stuart (C) activated from IR
01/09/12 Ferguson, Shane (LW) waived
01/06/12 Pell, Joey (D) signed contract
01/04/12 Richardson, Brandon (RW) loaned to Bloomington (CHL)
01/04/12 Ferguson, Shane (LW) signed contract
01/04/12 Wheeler, Nick (D) signed contract
01/03/12 Brown, Greg (D) loaned to Allen (CHL)
01/02/12 Jordan, Michael (D) returned from loan to Allen (CHL)
12/29/11 Brownschidle, David (RW) loaned to Wheeling (ECHL)
12/29/11 Beech, Kevin (G) signed contract
12/28/11 Ferguson, Shane (LW) signed 3 game tryout
12/28/11 Milan, Corey (G) waived
12/26/11 Jordan, Michael (D) loaned to Allen (CHL)
12/26/11 Ortiz, Ray (RW) activated from IR
12/21/11 Beech, Kevin (G) signed 3 game tryout
12/16/11 Pitsikoulis, Nick (LW) released from 3 game tryout
12/14/11 Arvai, Shaun (D) placed on team suspension
12/14/11 Stefan, Stuart (C) placed on 30 day IR
12/14/11 Jordan, Michael (D) signed contract
12/13/11 Sicard, Dennis (RW) signed contract
12/13/11 Hache, Matt (G) signed contract
12/12/11 Briere, Steve (G) waived
12/09/11 Duncan, Scott (D) signed contract
12/08/11 Pitsikoulis, Nick (LW) signed 3 game tryout
12/07/11 Briere, Steve (G) signed contract
12/07/11 Ortiz, Ray (RW) placed on 30 day IR
12/07/11 Sibbald, Mark (G) placed on team suspension
12/02/11 Salvis, Ryan (LW) waived
11/30/11 Duncan, Scott (D) signed 3 game tryout
11/30/11 Flynn, Brad (RW) activated from IR
11/28/11 Pacha, Omar (D) loaned to Bloomington (CHL)
11/23/11 Brownschidle, David (RW) signed contract
11/23/11 Polaski, Nic (RW) waived
11/14/11 Brownschidle, David (RW) signed 3 game tryout
11/11/11 Miller, Blake (D) released from 3 game tryout
11/09/11 Brownschidle, David (RW) signed 3 game tryout
11/03/11 Polaski, Nic (RW) signed contract
11/02/11 Miller, Blake (D) signed 3 game tryout
11/02/11 Flynn, Brad (RW) placed on 30 day IR
10/21/11 Brown, Greg (D) signed contract
10/21/11 Cintala, Peter (D) waived
10/21/11 Polaski, Nic (RW) signed 3 game tryout
10/21/11 Flynn, Brad (RW) signed contract