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Suffolk survives Jersey Wildcats comeback, wins 6-5

The Rinx    Fri, Dec 21, 2012

The Suffolk Juniors, who led by four goals at one point, survived a comeback attempt by Suffolk and clinched a 6-5 victory.

The Juniors led by four goals at one point and ended with the victory. The largest advantage in the game came when Suffolk's Michael Martino's scored at 12:24 in the second period to put the Juniors up 5-1.

Nicholas Mangone was all over the ice for Suffolk, as he finished with two goals in the win. Mangone's tallies came at 14:37 into the first period to make the score 2-0 Suffolk and 17:46 into the first to make the score 3-1 Suffolk.

The Juniors put up an impenetrable defensive front on the penalty kill, and did not allow Jersey Wildcats to score on any of its three power plays. Suffolk kept Jersey Wildcats' goalie busy throughout the game, and Nathan Leo made 43 saves on 49 shots. The Juniors found the back of the net more times than it usually has this season. Suffolk has scored at the pace of 3.0 goals per game during the current campaign.

Suffolk also got a goal from Cameron Smith as well. In addition, Suffolk received assists from Joseph Duszak, who had three, Christopher Stemke and Evan Schwartz, who contributed one a piece, and Michael Leone and Matthew Gault, who each chipped in two.

The Juniors were unable to stop Jersey Wildcats from sending pucks towards the net, and Jersey Wildcats eventually piled up 35 shots on goal.

Jersey Wildcats was helped by Ryan Demgard, who had one goal and one assist. Demgard scored 15:04 into the first period to make the score 2-1 Suffolk. Zachary Chamberlain picked up the assist. Jersey Wildcats additionally got points from Geoffrey Liter, who also grabbed one goal and one assist. Jack Green also scored for Jersey Wildcats. Other players who recorded assists for Jersey Wildcats were Brandon Crawley, who had two and Max Vorob, Alexander Wizna, and Zakariya Sheikh, who contributed one a piece.

Peter Fosso recorded 30 saves for Suffolk. The Juniors incurred six minutes in penalty time with three minors. Jersey Wildcats incurred eight minutes in penalty time with four minors.