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Huge game by Fernandes boosts Mass Maple Leafs over Junior Bruins, 8-2

CDL Arena    Sat, Jan 28, 2012

Mass Maple Leafs' Joseph Fernandes had a big offensive game, scoring one goal and contributing four assists in his team's 8-2 win over Junior Bruins.

Fernandes scored 14:35 into the first period to make the score 3-0 Mass Maple Leafs. Evan Marek assisted on the tally. Fernandes dished an assist on Kyle Gasior's goal that made the score 1-0 Mass Maple Leafs at 4:20 into the first period. He then added assists on Gasior's goal at 5:13 into the second, on Marek's goal at 19:26 into the second, and on Marek's goal at 3:55 into the third.

Mass Maple Leafs excelled on the penalty kill, not giving up a single goal in five chances. The defensemen of Mass Maple Leafs were also effective in Junior Bruins' zone, and came away with three goals.

Mass Maple Leafs additionally got points from Marek, who also registered two goals and two assists and Adam McGrath, who also tallied one goal and one assist. Mass Maple Leafs got a goal from Ryan Fehnel as well. In addition, Mass Maple Leafs received assists from Kurtis Garcia and Keanen Romero, who each chipped in one.

Junior Bruins stifled Mass Maple Leafs' power play, and did not give up a single goal while down a man. Junior Bruins did not reach the goal total it has come to expect this season. Junior Bruins averages five goals per game. Junior Bruins forced Mass Maple Leafs goalie Cody Stocker to work between the pipes, taking 45 shots.

Junior Bruins was helped by Dan Pirovano, who had one goal. Pirovano scored 11:41 into the third period to make the score 8-2 Mass Maple Leafs. Joseph Aucoin provided the assist. Zach Sandonato also scored for Junior Bruins. Other players who recorded assists for Junior Bruins were Mike Kantorski and Hayden Voss, who contributed one each.

Stocker recorded 43 saves for Mass Maple Leafs. Mass Maple Leafs incurred 10 minutes in penalty time with five minors. Shane Benjamin turned away 17 pucks between the pipes for Junior Bruins. Junior Bruins incurred 10 minutes in penalty time with five minors.