Hardcore Ponies ( Moosehead )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Jordan Purcell2(6) 04/03/13 -> ...
Chris Daley2(4) 04/14/13 -> ...
Michael Highstead2(2) 03/24/13 -> ...
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Jordan Purcell3(04/21/13) vs The B-Team
Jordan Purcell3(04/03/13) at Southbank Superbees
Chris Daley2(04/14/13) at The Knights Templar
Bence Finta2(04/14/13) at The Knights Templar
Chris Daley2(04/21/13) vs The B-Team
Several Tied At1
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Jordan Purcell3(04/21/13) vs The B-Team
Jordan Purcell2(04/03/13) at Southbank Superbees
Chris Daley1(03/24/13) at West Indies
Chris Daley1(04/21/13) vs The B-Team
Bence Finta1(04/03/13) at Southbank Superbees
Jeremy Morehouse1(04/03/13) at Southbank Superbees
Bence Finta1(04/14/13) at The Knights Templar
Chris Bullée1(03/24/13) at West Indies
Chris Daley1(04/14/13) at The Knights Templar
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Several Tied At1
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Jordan Purcell6(04/21/13) vs The B-Team
Jason Maloney3(04/14/13) at The Knights Templar
Jason Maloney3(03/24/13) at West Indies
Alex Madore3(04/21/13) vs The B-Team
Jason Maloney3(04/21/13) vs The B-Team
Quentin Fraser3(03/24/13) at West Indies
Bence Finta3(04/21/13) vs The B-Team