North Stars ( Moosehead )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Steve Smith9(18) 12/20/10 -> ...
Mark Saunders9(10) 11/21/10 -> 03/02/11
Scott Higgins7(12) 10/21/10 -> 12/20/10
Scott Higgins7(9) 01/17/11 -> ...
Steve Smith5(10) 09/22/10 -> 10/31/10
Kyle Whynacht3(4) 03/13/11 -> ...
Mathew Oswald3(4) 10/11/10 -> 10/31/10
Mathew Oswald3(4) 01/17/11 -> 02/07/11
Trevor Williams3(3) 01/09/11 -> 01/27/11
Tyler Lambert3(3) 11/21/10 -> 12/12/10
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Steve Smith4(03/29/11) vs Spartans
Scott Higgins4(11/30/10) at Buzz Killers
Steve Smith4(02/07/11) at The Aristocrats
Steve Smith3(12/20/10) at Hawks
Steve Smith3(10/21/10) vs Hawks
Steve Smith3(11/30/10) at Buzz Killers
Several Tied At2
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Steve Smith3(11/30/10) at Buzz Killers
Steve Smith3(02/07/11) at The Aristocrats
Steve Smith3(03/29/11) vs Spartans
Several Tied At2
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Steve Smith3(10/21/10) vs Hawks
Mathew Oswald2(03/29/11) vs Spartans
Mathew Oswald2(02/07/11) at The Aristocrats
Jesse Whynacht2(01/27/11) vs Gamblers
Scott Higgins2(11/30/10) at Buzz Killers
Steve Smith2(12/20/10) at Hawks
Several Tied At1
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Tyler Lambert9(12/12/10) vs Scared Hitless
Tyler Lambert7(09/29/10) vs Gamblers
Several Tied At6