CMC Coyotes ( 5W )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Brian Shand13(27) 10/29/06 -> ...
James Albert12(22) 11/05/06 -> 02/12/07
Dave Labelle3(7) 02/12/07 -> 02/26/07
Tyler Shand3(3) 11/05/06 -> 11/19/06
Scott Healey3(3) 11/05/06 -> 12/10/06
Dave Labelle3(3) 01/04/07 -> 01/18/07
Cliff Youdale2(3) 10/01/06 -> 10/12/06
James Albert2(2) 10/01/06 -> 10/12/06
Cliff Youdale2(2) 10/26/06 -> 11/05/06
Dave Labelle2(2) 10/12/06 -> 10/15/06
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Brian Shand4(11/19/06) vs The Chiefs
Matt Boucher4(02/26/07) vs Kidney Stones
Brian Shand4(02/12/07) vs The Chiefs
Dave Labelle4(02/12/07) vs The Chiefs
James Albert3(11/05/06) at Arsenal
Cliff Youdale3(02/26/07) vs Kidney Stones
James Albert3(02/12/07) vs The Chiefs
James Albert3(01/18/07) at Arsenal
James Albert3(11/19/06) vs The Chiefs
Brian Shand3(11/05/06) at Arsenal
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Matt Boucher3(02/26/07) vs Kidney Stones
Brian Shand3(11/19/06) vs The Chiefs
Brian Shand3(02/12/07) vs The Chiefs
Jim Harper2(02/26/07) vs Kidney Stones
James Albert2(11/05/06) at Arsenal
James Albert2(02/12/07) vs The Chiefs
Brian Shand2(12/20/06) vs Arsenal
Jason Wilkes2(01/18/07) at Arsenal
Several Tied At1
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Dave Labelle4(02/12/07) vs The Chiefs
Brian Shand2(02/26/07) vs Kidney Stones
Cliff Youdale2(02/26/07) vs Kidney Stones
Matt Boucher2(01/18/07) at Arsenal
Brian Shand2(11/05/06) at Arsenal
James Albert2(01/18/07) at Arsenal
James Albert2(11/19/06) vs The Chiefs
Brian Shand2(02/01/07) vs Aces
Several Tied At1
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Mark Slobodian6(11/05/06) at Arsenal
Cliff Youdale6(02/26/07) vs Kidney Stones
Dave Labelle6(02/18/07) at RFP Solutions
Tyler Shand6(01/11/07) at Ottawa West
Brian Shand6(10/26/06) at Aces
Tyler Shand6(10/26/06) at Aces
Several Tied At3