The XBunnies ( Div 8 )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Matt Neilson4(5) 06/15/14 -> 07/03/14
Rob Bowins4(4) 06/16/14 -> 07/06/14
Radek Bonk3(5) 07/20/14 -> ...
James Pollock3(4) 06/23/14 -> 07/14/14
Alex Dolson2(3) 06/05/14 -> 06/15/14
Graeme Bell2(3) 06/19/14 -> 07/03/14
James Pollock2(3) 05/29/14 -> 06/05/14
Hadi Shureih2(3) 07/06/14 -> 07/14/14
Hadi Shureih2(2) 06/19/14 -> 06/23/14
Matt Neilson2(2) 07/20/14 -> 07/22/14
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Randy Bell5(07/03/14) vs The B-Team
Victor Henter3(07/03/14) vs The B-Team
Radek Bonk3(07/20/14) vs Forty Creek Bandits
Several Tied At2
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Jon Palmer2(06/05/14) vs Gamblers
Victor Henter2(06/19/14) at Gordon Bombays All Stars
Victor Henter2(07/03/14) vs The B-Team
Randy Bell2(07/03/14) vs The B-Team
Kevin Rogers2(07/24/14) vs Gordon Bombays All Stars
Radek Bonk2(07/20/14) vs Forty Creek Bandits
Several Tied At1
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Randy Bell3(07/03/14) vs The B-Team
Several Tied At1
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Timothy Clarke27(06/23/14) at Spartans
Victor Henter12(06/16/14) at The Four King Iceholes
Joshua Harper12(07/22/14) vs Cougar Bait
Joshua Harper9(05/29/14) vs Cougar Bait
Several Tied At3