Coming From Behind ( 3E )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Richard Martin8(14) 10/22/06 -> 01/07/07
Steve Coverley7(12) 11/13/06 -> 01/07/07
Greg Dilworth6(10) 09/17/06 -> 11/06/06
Todd Collins6(9) 10/30/06 -> 12/03/06
Steve Coverley5(8) 01/21/07 -> 02/15/07
Steve Cameron4(8) 01/28/07 -> 02/15/07
Jeff Lewis4(7) 11/26/06 -> ...
Todd Collins3(5) 10/01/06 -> 10/16/06
Chris Coglan3(4) 11/26/06 -> 12/13/06
Jeff Lewis3(3) 10/12/06 -> 10/22/06
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Jay Campbell5(02/06/07) vs Controlled Chaos
Jay Campbell4(11/21/06) vs Controlled Chaos
Greg Dilworth4(12/03/06) vs The Broken Rubbers
Andy Dilworth4(12/17/06) vs Robertson Rent-All
Several Tied At3
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Steve Cameron3(02/06/07) vs Controlled Chaos
Andy Dilworth3(01/28/07) vs The Broken Rubbers
Several Tied At2
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Greg Dilworth3(12/03/06) vs The Broken Rubbers
Greg Dilworth3(01/28/07) vs The Broken Rubbers
Jay Campbell3(02/06/07) vs Controlled Chaos
Several Tied At2
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Todd Collins20(01/21/07) at Robertson Rent-All
Jeff Lewis13(09/17/06) vs La Cage aux Sports
Todd Collins9(02/15/07) vs Robertson Rent-All
Steve Coverley9(01/18/07) vs Orleans Falcons
Several Tied At6