The Scoregasms ( Labatts )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Andrew Carr4(5) 02/23/12 -> ...
Tyler Vergette3(7) 11/29/11 -> 12/18/11
Jordan Vergette3(6) 12/18/11 -> ...
Jordan Vergette3(5) 10/16/11 -> 11/02/11
Michael Mcfadden3(5) 12/18/11 -> 01/15/12
Jordan Vergette2(5) 11/20/11 -> 11/29/11
Corey Carson2(3) 03/11/12 -> ...
Corey Carson2(3) 10/25/11 -> 11/02/11
Connor Cleland2(2) 10/16/11 -> 10/25/11
Michael Mcfadden2(2) 10/16/11 -> 11/02/11
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Jordan Vergette4(11/29/11) at Vikings Hockey
Tyler Vergette3(03/18/12) vs
Jordan Vergette3(03/18/12) vs
Chris Kerfoot3(01/15/12) at
Matthew May-hall3(11/29/11) at Vikings Hockey
Tyler Vergette3(12/18/11) vs The Caps
Michael Mcfadden3(12/18/11) vs The Caps
Several Tied At2
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Tyler Vergette3(12/18/11) vs The Caps
Tyler Vergette3(03/18/12) vs
Jordan Vergette3(03/18/12) vs
Jordan Vergette2(11/02/11) vs
Michael Mcfadden2(03/04/12) at The Caps
Tyler Vergette2(02/05/12) at Bardown Bandits
Adam Powell2(02/05/12) at Bardown Bandits
Chris Kerfoot2(01/15/12) at
Tyler Vergette2(12/11/11) at Richmond Rubbies
Tyler Vergette2(11/29/11) at Vikings Hockey
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Jordan Vergette3(11/29/11) at Vikings Hockey
Matthew May-hall2(11/29/11) at Vikings Hockey
Corey Carson2(03/18/12) vs
Matthew May-hall2(03/18/12) vs
Andrew Carr2(02/05/12) at Bardown Bandits
Matthew May-hall2(01/15/12) at
Kyle Pedersen2(12/18/11) vs The Caps
Michael Mcfadden2(12/18/11) vs The Caps
Several Tied At1
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Michael Mcfadden20(03/04/12) at The Caps
Chris Kerfoot10(03/11/12) at District 5
Michael Mcfadden6(11/02/11) vs
Corey Carson6(01/15/12) at
Michael Mcfadden6(01/08/12) vs District 5
Michael Mcfadden6(12/18/11) vs The Caps
Connor Cleland6(11/29/11) at Vikings Hockey
Matthew May-hall6(10/02/11) vs Tiger-cats
Corey Bedard6(10/16/11) vs FBS Hammers
Several Tied At3