Magnificent 7 ( 6E )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Faron Ling3(4) 07/18/06 -> ...
Greg Lachance3(4) 06/28/06 -> 07/06/06
Austin Ling3(3) 05/28/06 -> 06/04/06
Nick Neely3(3) 05/14/06 -> 06/01/06
Dave Collins2(4) 05/28/06 -> 06/01/06
Dave Collins2(4) 06/08/06 -> 06/11/06
Jeff Yukich2(3) 06/04/06 -> 06/11/06
Dean Huckla2(2) 06/04/06 -> 06/08/06
Joshua Moore2(2) 06/28/06 -> 07/23/06
Nick Neely2(2) 06/11/06 -> 06/18/06
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Dave Collins3(05/28/06) at House
Chris Warren3(07/23/06) vs The Narc Squad
Several Tied At2
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Joshua Moore2(05/14/06) at House
Faron Ling2(08/01/06) vs New Edinburgh Pub Rangers
Chris Warren2(07/23/06) vs The Narc Squad
Several Tied At1
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Daniel Mackey2(06/11/06) at Moose Knuckle Posse
Dave Collins2(05/28/06) at House
Greg Lachance2(07/06/06) at Canadian Tire Orleans
Several Tied At1
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Dean Huckla9(06/01/06) at New Edinburgh Pub Rangers
Dean Huckla9(06/08/06) vs Canadian Tire Orleans
Several Tied At6