This league has multiple active seasons, you are currently in the CGY Fall 2020 season. All active seasons are listed below. (note: past seasons can be found in the drop down menu above)

CGY Fall 2020
CGY Winter 2021

 Divisions League Message

Season 2 Sunday
Season 2 Monday
Season 2 Tuesday 1
Season 2 Tuesday 2
Season 2 Wednesday 1
Season 2 Wednesday 2
Season 2 Thursday 1
Season 2 Thursday 2
Season 2 Friday 1
Season 2 Friday 2
Youth Cohort A
Youth Cohort B
Youth Cohort C
Youth Cohort D
Youth Cohort E
Youth Cohort F
Youth Cohort G
Sunday Womens
Sunday Mens 1
Monday Mens
Tuesday Mens 1
Tuesday Mens 2
Wednesday Mens 1
Wednesday Mens 2
Thursday Mens 1
Thursday Mens 2
Friday Mens 1
NOVICE (Players born 201020112012 and younger)
ATOM (Players born 20082009)
MINORS (Players born 20062007)
INTERMEDIATE (Players born 20042005)
MAJORS (Players born 20012002 and 2003)

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League Facilities
Laptop rink Ernie Starr Arena
Laptop rink Frank McCool Arena
Laptop rink George Blunden Arena
Henry Viney
Laptop rink Huntington Hills Community Association
Laptop rink Jack Setters Arena
Online entry arena Justice Joseph Kryczka Arena
Laptop rink Max Bell Arena
Laptop rink Murray Copot Arena
Laptop rink Optimist Arena
Online entry arena Pason Centennial Arena
Laptop rink Stew Hendry Arena
Online entry arena Triwood Arena
Online entry arena Village Square Leisure Centre
Laptop rink Vision Sports Center
Laptop rink Vivo

 League Schedule

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Superleagues Calgary
• (888) 583-5775
• (888) 584-7755 fax