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Organization Schedule for January 2020
G#League/DivHomeAwayTimeBox Score/Rink
Sun, Jan 05
PAHL/C2 GoldSouth Florida Sharks 4 Reapers 310:49 amfinal
PAHL/C2 GoldCats 3 Whalers 412:09 pmfinal
PAHL/C DivisionCanadians 9 Thunder 62:05 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 PlatWashed Up Lite 3 Lets Go 23:30 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 BronzeJackrabbits 4 Pink Panthers 24:00 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 PlatDark Horse 3 Cherry Pickers 55:00 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 BronzeBrewsaders 2 Classy Cats 35:41 pmfinal
PAHL/C DivisionWashed Up 8 Hockey Tech 36:30 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 SilverScreaming Eagles 2 Crunch 47:19 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 SilverSawgrass Slicers 1 CPU Squad Honey Badgers 38:00 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 GoldVikings 8 OAUSA Wings Plus 28:56 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 GoldIce Clowns 3 Solar Bears 410:18 pmfinal
Mon, Jan 06
PAHL/B SilverBombers 4 Yellow Buckets 58:54 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 GoldK. Love Brewing 4 Vikings 010:16 pmfinal
Tue, Jan 07
PAHL/40+Hockey Tech 2 South Florida Sharks 19:32 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 GoldDirty Mike and the Boys 0 Solar Bears 59:53 pmfinal
Wed, Jan 08
PAHL/C2 BronzeIce Dogs 8 Jackrabbits 39:13 pmfinal
Thu, Jan 09
PAHL/40+Dynasty Athletics 7 Leafs 28:57 pmfinal
PAHL/40+Village Pump 10 Hockey Tech 19:52 pmfinal
Sat, Jan 11
FPYDL/8UYandle Barkov2:30 pmdata pending
FPYDL/10UYandle Ekblad4:00 pmdata pending
FPYDL/10UEkblad Barkov4:45 pmdata pending
FPYDL/10UYandle Barkov5:30 pmdata pending
FPYDL/12UYandle Ekblad6:30 pmdata pending
FPYDL/HSYandle Barkov7:15 pmdata pending
FPYDL/12UEkblad Barkov7:15 pmdata pending
FPYDL/12UYandle Barkov8:00 pmdata pending
Sun, Jan 12
PAHL/C2 GoldK. Love Brewing 5 Whalers 110:58 amfinal
PAHL/C DivisionCanadians 7 Washed Up 412:15 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 BronzeClassy Cats 2 Ice Dogs 312:30 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 SilverCPU Squad Honey Badgers 4 Crunch 61:36 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 PlatWashed Up Lite 3 Cherry Pickers 51:38 pmfinal
Mon, Jan 13
PAHL/ 9:00 pmdata pending
PAHL/B SilverBombers 1 Yellow Buckets 59:00 pmfinal
Tue, Jan 14
PAHL/C2 GoldSolar Bears South Florida Sharks10:00 pmdata pending
Thu, Jan 16
PAHL/40+Village Pump 6 Dynasty Athletics 28:49 pmfinal
Sat, Jan 18
FPYDL/8UYandle Barkov10:45 amdata pending
FPYDL/10UYandle Barkov12:15 pmdata pending
FPYDL/10UYandle Ekblad1:00 pmdata pending
FPYDL/10UBarkov Ekblad1:45 pmdata pending
FPYDL/12UYandle Barkov3:00 pmdata pending
FPYDL/12UYandle Ekblad3:45 pmdata pending
FPYDL/12UBarkov Ekblad4:30 pmdata pending
FPYDL/HSYandle Barkov5:45 pmdata pending
Sun, Jan 19
PAHL/C2 BronzeClassy Cats 1 Ice Dogs 711:39 amfinal
PAHL/C2 SilverCPU Squad Honey Badgers 5 Crunch 412:58 pmfinal
PAHL/C DivisionCanadians 8 Washed Up 42:42 pmfinal
PAHL/C2 GoldSouth Florida Sharks 5 K. Love Brewing 24:12 pmfinal
Thu, Jan 23
PAHL/40+ Village Pump Dynasty Athletics 9:00 pm Ice Den Stadium
Sat, Jan 25
FPYDL/10U Barkov Ekblad 10:00 am Ice Den Stadium
FPYDL/12U Ekblad Yandle 10:15 am Ice Den - Den
FPYDL/HS Barkov Yandle 1:05 pm Ice Den Stadium
FPYDL/8U Yandle Barkov 3:00 pm Ice Den - Den
Sun, Jan 26
PAHL/C2 Silver CPU Squad Honey Badgers Crunch 11:45 am Ice Den Stadium
PAHL/C2 Plat Cherry Pickers Washed Up Lite 1:15 pm Ice Den Stadium
PAHL/C2 Gold South Florida Sharks K. Love Brewing 2:45 pm Ice Den Stadium