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Performax (Fall/Winter 2018/19)

This league has multiple active seasons, you are currently in the Fall/Winter 2018/19 season. All active seasons are listed below. (note: past seasons can be found in the drop down menu above)

Fall/Winter 2018/19

 Divisions League Message

Beta North
Beta South
Sportsman North
Sportsman South
Club North
Club South
Welcome to Performax/Pointstreak's electronic gamesheet system!

NOTE TO TEAM CAPTAINS/COACHES: For accurate stats, make sure the jersey numbers and names on your team roster are correct.

NOTE TO PLAYERS: Try to wear a consistent jersey number all season or inform the scorekeeper of any roster changes (especially jersey number changes) before your game starts. Your stats will be more accurate if you follow these simple guidelines.

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League Facilities
Laptop rink Brighton Arena
Laptop rink Buffalo State College Arena
Laptop rink Cazenovia
Laptop rink Cheektowaga Recreation Center
Laptop rink Hockey Outlet
Laptop rink Lincoln Arena
Online entry arena Maple Leaf Gardens
Laptop rink North Buffalo Rink
Terminal rink Northtown Center at Amherst
Laptop rink Riverside Bakewell
Laptop rink Riverworks

 League Schedule

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Performax Hockey
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