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Top Shelf (Honeybaked Inv)

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American Division U16
National Division U16
U16 Semi & Final Round
American Division U18
National Division U18
U18 Semi & Final Round

Welcome to the Honeybaked Holiday Midget Major and Midget Minor Invitational.

 Congratulations to the Honeybaked Midget Minor team defeating the Belle Tire A team in the Championship.

 Congratulations to the Honeybaked Midget Major team defeating Team nXi in the Championship.

 Thank you to all of the players and coaches participating in the Honeybaked Holiday Invitational.  Have a great rest of the season!



Tournament Facilities
Laptop rink Detroit Skating Club
Terminal rink Hazel Park Arena
Laptop rink Oak Park Ice Arena

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Top Shelf Tournaments
• (847) 915-2877