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TSC - Tourneys (TI Playoffs 2013)

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The tie-breaker formulas are as follows:

a. If two or more teams have equal points, their position in the standings shall be determined by:

1. Standings – most points

2. Differential

(Note: When 2 teams are tied, differential is known as “head  to head”. If 3 or more teams are tied, differential becomes the plus-minus of the games played between the tied teams only)

 3. Quotient

(Quotient is determined by dividing the goals scored in these games by the goals scored against, the positions determined in the order of the greatest quotient. A quotient involving dividing by zero has higher standing then a quotient from dividing by any number other than zero. Where two or more teams have no goals against and the quotient tie-breaker is required, the teams shall be ranked high to low in descending order of “goals for”)

4. Most periods won

5. Quickest First goal  

(see USA Hockey Annual Guide for further information)

b.     Forfeits - If a team forfeits any of its games, as a result of willfully failing to show up for a game and becomes involved in any tie-breaking formula to determine its eligibility to advance to the next level of play, the team forfeits all games in the round robin play and the games are recorded as 1-0 victories for the non-offending team.

c.    If after applying the formulas as outlined and the tie still exists, the formulas will be applied to all of the games played by the teams tied (not head-to-head).

d.     If the above procedure does not break the tie, the team shall use a shootout procedure as described on CAHA


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